You are currently viewing Book Feature: “A Court of Tangled Threads” by Amanda Pillar

Book Feature: “A Court of Tangled Threads” by Amanda Pillar

Dive into a world where romance and fantasy intersect like never before with Amanda Pillar’s latest release, “A Court of Tangled Threads.” Trust me, if you’re yearning for a narrative that brings slow-burn romantic fantasy to life, this book deserves a top spot on your reading list.

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Published on September 8, 2023, the story introduces us to Violet, a character whose goals seem more like far-fetched dreams. Her bucket list includes curing her ailing sister, securing a job that doesn’t drain her soul, and here’s the kicker—avoid accidentally snatching souls. But things go sideways, as they often do in stories that captivate us when she finds herself in an ambiguous realm—a purgatory that separates the human world from the realm of fae.

That’s where Blake enters the picture. Commanded by the Black Queen and unable to deny her orders, Blake’s lethal touch becomes a pivotal element in the story. Sent on what can only be called a ridiculous quest, he strikes an unusual deal with a troll. This decision propels him toward a castle that smells of death and a woman whose magical prowess matches his dark abilities.

As Violet and Blake’s fates intertwine, the pair embarks on a quest that’s not just perilous but also might hold the key to some of the greatest crimes ever committed in the fae world. Ah, but that’s not all that Violet has on her plate. An enigmatic knight is stealing more than just her attention; he’s capturing her heart one step at a time.

So, should you add “A Court of Tangled Threads” to your reading shelf? Absolutely, especially if you enjoy romantic fantasies that are multi-layered with complex characters and intriguing plotlines.

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The book is available on Amazon and is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Before you turn that first page, let’s take a moment to appreciate the mastermind behind the story. Amanda Pillar is an USA Today Bestselling author and award-winning editor residing in Australia. Her portfolio spans from the Graced series to the Heaven’s Heart series, and she even has a standalone book, “Haunt Me,” to her credit. When she’s not spinning tales, Amanda works as an archaeologist. Learn more about her work here.

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