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Release Day: “Caged Lion” by Mignon Mykel

When it comes to the realm of steamy contemporary romance, Mignon Mykel is a name you’ve likely stumbled upon. She’s the USA Today Bestselling author renowned for her knack for crafting stories set in small towns, with big families, featuring athletes on their quests for love. But today, let’s shift our focus to her latest masterpiece: “Caged Lion,” the third and final installment in the Douglas Group: The Protectors Series.

Mignon Mykel isn’t just any author; she’s a storyteller who weaves intricate worlds where characters evolve and reappear, keeping readers perpetually engaged. You might be revisiting a favorite couple several books down the line, such is the expansive universe she has created. You can find Mignon on various platforms including her website, Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, Amazon Author Page, Newsletter, Bookbub, Personal Facebook Group, and TikTok.

Let’s dive into “Caged Lion” because this is a tale worth exploring.

Marilee Ferguson, the story’s protagonist, has had her share of adversities. From midnight abductions to the damaging dynamics of her dysfunctional family, Marilee has been navigating life’s tribulations without a roadmap. She’s been dismissed, shunned, and now, finally, rescued. This is where Cooper Waddell steps in, the military man who’s seen enough to trust his gut. His mission to rescue her from a religious cult is complete, but the task isn’t over for him. Marilee doesn’t wish to return to her old life, and this provokes Cooper to offer her an alternative—another small town, another fresh start.

This isn’t a tale of love at first sight. Marilee’s walls take time to break down. With each panic attack she experiences, Cooper is there, becoming increasingly important in her new life. It raises questions in Cooper’s own mind—questions that grow, looming larger with every interaction. Could he be the man Marilee needs, despite the glaring age gap? With every layer that Marilee sheds, the potential for something deeper grows within him. For a man trained to make quick decisions, Cooper now grapples with one that could change both their lives.

You can grab your copy of “Caged Lion” right now! Read Today. If you’re the kind to plan your reading list ahead, feel free to add it to your Goodreads TBR here. “Caged Lion” offers an intriguing exploration of rescue, recovery, and the tantalizing tension of age-gap romance. It’s a story that stands alone yet seamlessly connects with Mignon Mykel’s literary universe—a universe you don’t want to miss.