You are currently viewing Cover Reveal: “To Steal a Bride” by Daniela A. Mera

Cover Reveal: “To Steal a Bride” by Daniela A. Mera

Cover reveals are like opening the curtain on a stage, setting the tone for the entire performance. And today, I’ve got quite the spectacle for you—presenting the cover of “To Steal a Bride” by Daniela A. Mera. If romantic fantasy paired with enemies-to-lovers is your thing, you’re going to want to pre-order this one.

To Steal a Bride (Entangled with the Enduar Duet #1)
Expected Publication Day: November 27, 2023
Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ Enemies-to-Lovers

estela and teo Underjacket

Enduar Mountains, a land where people come seeking death or diamonds. Estela, our heroine, finds something unexpected—love. Trapped in a life of hardship as a slave to the Giant King, her only glimmer of hope is escaping with her half-brother to find solace among the elves. Enter Teo, the Troll King, a desperate leader of a dying people. His kingdom needs diamonds from the giants, but he ends up finding something far more precious—his mate in Estela.

Fate doesn’t make it easy, though. Even when Teo steals her away from her cruel masters, Estela’s instinct is to run. She doesn’t see herself as the Enduar Trolls’ savior or Teo’s mate. Despite the stolen glances and longing stares from Teo, she knows that her life with him would be just another cage.

“To Steal a Bride” is not just a standalone romantic escapade. It’s the first book in Estela and Teo’s journey, part of a larger series named “Entangled with the Enduar.” Tailored for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Danielle L. Jensen, this adult fantasy romance intertwines a desperate heroine and a powerful hero in a narrative rich with tension and emotional stakes.

But a fair warning: this story doesn’t shy away from mature themes, including mentions of trauma, abuse, and adult situations.

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About the Author

Speaking of captivating storytelling, Daniela A. Mera has quite the origin story herself. Born into Fae royalty in Scotland, her life is a tapestry of adventure, love, and, of course, tacos from her time in the hills of Mexico. She’s a life-long storyteller you’ll want to follow, and you can do so at Daniela A. Mera’s Linktree.

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Mark your calendars for November 27th, because “To Steal a Bride” is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, right through the diamond-studded landscapes of Enduar. So, why wait? Dive into this world where love is stolen but can also be the key to salvation.