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Discover the Magic of Fae Isles

The Fae Isles is an enchanting fantasy romance series that will take you on a journey through the mystical world of faeries, magic, and forbidden love. Each book in the series follows the journey of Emelin, an unbound mage, and Creon, a fae prince known as the Silent Death.

Here’s a brief overview of each book in the series:

Court of Blood and Bindings

The series kicks off with Court of Blood and Bindings, a thrilling and captivating story of Emelin’s capture by the deadly and enigmatic Silent Death. The story is set in the heart of the Fae Isles, where the treacherous Crimson Court, ruled by the Mother of faekind, has reigned supreme over fae and humans alike for decades. The Silent Death, the Mother’s loyal servant, is tasked with killing Emelin, but he spares her life and takes her on a dangerous journey to the Crimson Court. As they journey deeper into the Fae Isles, Emelin learns more about the fae and the secrets that lie beneath the surface. She also discovers that the Silent Death is playing a game of his own, and he needs her magic to win it. Court of Blood and Bindings is an enemies-to-lovers romance that features a strong-willed heroine and a brooding, morally grey hero.

Lord of Gold and Glory

In the second book of the series, Lord of Gold and Glory, Emelin has escaped the Crimson Court and saved Creon from the Mother’s chains. However, her newfound allies bring dangers of their own. Thrown into a world of old feuds and thorny grudges, she needs all her ingenuity to keep the Silent Death safe from his friends-turned-enemies. As the political games of the Alliance become more intense, Creon is haunted by shadows of his past and magic he never wanted to wield, and he’s slowly losing control of his powers. The only solution may be found outside the buried halls of the Alliance’s stronghold, back within reach of the Mother and her armies hunting for him. Soon Emelin can no longer hide from the war looming over the archipelago. And when her quest for Creon’s safety reveals glimpses of her own mysterious origins, she has no choice but to claim her place on the battlefield or lose the male she loves forever.

Ruins of Sea and Souls

The third book in the Fae Isles series, Ruins of Sea and Souls, continues the story of Emelin and Creon, as war looms over the archipelago. Emelin’s plan is simple: break the Mother’s bindings while her more diplomacy-minded friends persuade the rest of the world to join their rebellion. However, their would-be allies are far too concerned about Em’s exact connection to the feared and hated Silent Death. They might risk their lives for the world’s only unbound mage, but they’ll never fight for a fae prince’s puppet. Forced to hide the explosive secret of their love, Em and Creon journey to the plague-cursed continent to learn more about the bindings. But as they face dragons, ruins, and murderous forests in search of the vanished gods, distrust between Creon and their travel companions brings tensions to a boiling point. And if their love may cost them the victory against the Mother, how will Em ever choose between her heart and her duty?

The Fae Isles series by Lisette Marshall is a must-read for fans of fantasy romance. Each book in the series takes you on a journey through a mystical world of magic, faeries, and forbidden love. The captivating plot, complex characters, and vivid descriptions will keep you turning the pages until the very end. And the best part? You can read these books now for free on Kindle Unlimited. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the enchanting world of the Fae Isles today!