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New Release: “Don’t Be Scared” by AJ Merlin

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It’s that time of the year when leaves turn shades of rust, days get shorter, and the air is tinged with an eerie chill. Halloween is around the corner, and as tradition demands, a fresh assortment of spine-chilling reads is hitting the bookshelves. This season, one novel takes the cake in adding a new twist to our spooky festivities: “Don’t Be Scared” by AJ Merlin.

Sure, Halloween-themed novels are hardly a new trend. But this story stands apart by intertwining the very fabric of Halloween traditions with a gripping narrative. Set in the quaint town of Hollow Bridge, the book captures the essence of communal Halloween celebrations—parades, festivals, and all-out parties—that make October 31st the event of the year. But beneath the festive surface lies a grim reality; Hollow Bridge has a darker history than most towns, a sinister past that returns to haunt its residents in the most dreadful manner.

Before now, a little mischief and mayhem were all in the spirit of the holiday. Bad behaviour was not only expected but celebrated. It’s all fun and games until a serial killer starts stalking the streets, turning the town’s lore into a horrifying reality. When reports of someone wearing a Halloween mask surface, the entire community is on edge. It doesn’t take long before the first body turns up.

Bailey, our protagonist, finds herself face-to-face with the Hollow Bridge killer. Armed with a knife and hiding behind a ghoulish mask, he asks her an unsettling question: “Who should be the next to die, Bailey?” But rather than carrying out his deadly threat, he spares her, leaving Bailey—and the reader—entangled in a twisted plot that goes beyond mere killing. This killer wants something far more ominous than claiming lives. He seeks a psychological edge, a deeper level of terror that morphs “Don’t Be Scared” into a nuanced tale of horror and dark romance.

AJ Merlin doesn’t shy away from the grittier aspects. The book is an MMF standalone featuring elements of dark kinks, graphic violence, and, of course, murder. The full list of triggers is transparently available through the book’s ‘look inside’ feature, making sure that readers know what they’re getting into.

The novel is now available for immediate download, get your copy here:

Is it just a spooky seasonal read? Far from it. “Don’t Be Scared” transcends the holiday to address the darker aspects of human behaviour, diving deep into the realms of twisted relationships, macabre desires, and the unimaginable horrors that lurk within seemingly peaceful communities. This one’s for those who are unafraid to tread the darker paths of romance and the human psyche, a perfect companion to your Halloween festivities—or any other time when you’re in the mood for a tale that doesn’t hold back.

So grab your cosiest blanket and settle in for a thrilling journey with AJ Merlin’s “Don’t Be Scared.” And remember, once you delve into the shadows of Hollow Bridge, there’s no turning back.