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5 Must-Read Romance Authors Discovered on Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited has become a popular subscription service among book lovers around the world. It provides unlimited access to thousands of books, audiobooks, and magazines for a monthly fee. One of the best things about Kindle Unlimited is that it allows readers to discover new authors that they may not have otherwise come across. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at five authors that I have discovered because of Kindle Unlimited.

Raven Kennedy

Raven Kennedy is an author that I discovered through Kindle Unlimited. Her Plated Prisoner series has gained global success, but it was her Heart Hassle series that caught my attention. The 5-book reverse harem romance series is an addictive and steamy read that I couldn’t put down. Raven Kennedy has also co-written the Hellgate Guardians series with Ivy Asher, which is another great read for fans of urban fantasy.

Lauren Asher

Lauren Asher‘s Dreamland Billionaires series is widely available in local bookstores, but it was her Dirty Air series that I found on Kindle Unlimited. This series follows the love stories of Formula-1 drivers and is one of my all-time favourite reads. Lauren’s writing is excellent, and the chemistry between her characters is off the charts.

Emily McIntire

Emily McIntire‘s Never After series is a collection of “fractured fairytales” where the villain gets their happily ever after. These stories are sensual, dark, and beautifully written. Emily’s work is still available on Kindle Unlimited, but she recently signed a book deal, so it remains to be seen whether her books will remain on the platform.

Sophie Lark

Sophie Lark is an indie-author royal, and her mafia romances are some of my favourite series. They’re gritty, sexy, and full of characters that you can’t help but love. What sets Sophie apart is how she actively engages with her audience and builds personal relationships with her Love Larks. It’s a refreshing and welcoming approach that makes reading her books even more enjoyable.

Jasmine Mas

Jasmine Mas is an author that isn’t as hyped up as some of the other authors on this list, but her Cruel Shifterverse series is an addictive read. These books are well-paced, full of banter, spicy sex scenes, and delicious alphas and omegas that will leave you wanting more. It’s only a matter of time before the Omegaverse Girlies catch on to how great her writing is.

Kindle Unlimited has provided me with the opportunity to discover new authors and stories that I may not have otherwise come across. The service is a great way to save money on books and explore different genres. The authors mentioned above are just a few of the many fantastic writers that I have discovered through Kindle Unlimited. I highly recommend the service to any book lover looking to expand their reading horizons.