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About Rebecca J. Cole

Rebecca J. Cole is a talented and passionate writer hailing from the enchanting state of Oklahoma. With an unwavering love for storytelling, Rebecca has embarked on a remarkable journey through the realm of romance novels. Her heartwarming tales captivate readers and take them on unforgettable adventures where love, hope, and self-discovery intertwine. Join us as we delve into the life and inspirations of this prolific author, learning about the driving force behind her writing, her diverse passions, and her commitment to creating clean and wholesome romance narratives.

Literary Inspired | Romance Book Blog sharing Romance Book Reviews and Recommendations

Rebecca J. Cole, a true wordsmith and dreamer, finds solace and inspiration in the art of writing. Born and raised in the scenic landscapes of Oklahoma, Rebecca’s love for literature bloomed from an early age. Surrounded by nature’s beauty and captivated by the human spirit, she began penning her thoughts and stories, weaving intricate narratives that reflect the essence of love, resilience, and emotional growth.

While managing her consignment shop, Becca’s Bargains, Rebecca’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to explore the world of romance writing. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, personal experiences, and her vivid imagination, she crafted her debut novel, “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession,” which takes readers on an enthralling journey through the life of Emma Grace and the mysterious Dante.

Rebecca’s commitment to delivering clean and wholesome romance narratives sets her apart in the literary world. Her stories are driven by characters with depth, grappling with real-life challenges, and ultimately finding solace in love and hope. Through her writing, Rebecca strives to inspire readers to believe in the power of love, the strength of the human spirit, and the possibilities of redemption.

Beyond her passion for writing, Rebecca cherishes the joys of gardening, refurbishing old furniture, and exploring new adventures. When not engrossed in her creative pursuits, she dedicates time to managing her consignment shop, providing a haven for unique finds and hidden treasures.

As a dedicated author and entrepreneur, Rebecca’s journey continues to evolve, with new projects on the horizon, including a sequel to “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession” and other captivating tales waiting to be shared with her growing audience. Her love for literature, storytelling, and unwavering determination to touch hearts with her words make her a remarkable and inspiring presence in the world of romance novels.

Literary Inspired | Romance Book Blog sharing Romance Book Reviews and Recommendations

Emma Grace: Dante's Obsession

Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession” is a riveting romance novel that delves into the life of Emma Grace, a young woman struggling to escape her abusive past. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Dante, a charming Italian who treats her like a queen. But as she begins to trust Dante, she uncovers a dark secret about him that threatens to destroy their newfound love. Will Emma Grace overcome her fears and embrace a life with Dante, or will she be forever haunted by her past?

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I am thrilled to collaborate with Rebecca J. Cole and play a pivotal role in promoting her captivating romance novel, “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession.” As the dedicated marketing partner, my aim is to coordinate a book tour that brings together book bloggers, reviewers, and bookstagrammers with a passion for romance books. My goal is to provide Rebecca with a platform to reach new readers, generate reviews on influential platforms like Amazon and Goodreads, and establish a strong author brand that resonates with her target audience.

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When asked about her experience working with Literary Inspired, Rebecca shared the following testimonial:

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