As soon as I saw Literary Inspired’s gorgeous colors and logo, I wanted to work with them. What better way to illustrate how well you know branding and the indie market than having a great brand yourself? I reached out to Meg thinking her company would be out of reach for my needs as a small but growing indie author, but I was thrilled to discover she provides many affordable services. I worked with her on the design for my new website (honestly, I DID NOT expect ANYONE to be able to pull together the different styles of books I write) but Meg managed to do the impossible and create a cohesive, unique, and beautiful design that encapsulates both of my niche romance series.

Working with her was such a pleasant experience. She provided insight where it was needed, listened to my oddball aesthetic needs, and delivered my website quickly. It looks better than I could have imagined.

Meg has such a vibrant personality and she’s become a valued member of my team. I will use more of her services in the near future and I’m thrilled to watch her well-deserved growth!