Struggling with book marketing? Let's change that.


Feeling lost and overwhelmed by the thought of marketing your book, and losing precious writing time? I'm here to help. I take the marketing load off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you love—writing. Together, we'll boost your author brand and build lasting connections with readers. Let's simplify your path to publishing success with strategies tailored just for you

Amplify Your Author Voice Online


With Literary Inspired, you'll get more than just marketing—you'll get a digital transformation. I craft comprehensive strategies—from eye-catching website design to savvy SEO and engaging social media—that showcase your unique literary voice. Let's turn your online presence into a powerful tool that captivates readers and elevates your author career. Ready to make your mark in the digital landscape?

Genre-Specific Marketing Magic


From swooning romance to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, every book deserves its moment in the spotlight. I craft marketing strategies as diverse as your stories, ensuring your unique voice reaches the right readers. Let's dive into tailored promotions that speak your genre's language and watch your readership flourish. Ready to give your books the genre-savvy boost they deserve?

Elevating Indie Authors in the Digital World

Expert Author Marketing Services

Seeking tailored digital marketing for indie authors?

I specialize in creating dynamic social media graphics, designing professional author websites, implementing effective book promotions, and developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies. My goal is to boost your author brand and ensure your digital presence stands out. Let’s make your mark in the literary world together.

As an indie author, you’ve poured your heart and soul into crafting your story, but now you’re faced with the daunting task of getting it in front of readers. The good news? You’ve got the talent and the drive—what you need now is a clear path forward. With over a decade of experience navigating the ever-changing currents of digital marketing, I’m here to be your guide and partner in this exciting journey.

In the realm of book promotion, one-size-fits-all strategies simply don’t cut it. That’s why I don’t just talk about custom digital marketing solutions—I deliver them. The digital landscape evolves at breakneck speed, and what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. From intricate SEO optimization to compelling content marketing, I offer a suite of services tailored specifically to your goals, your genre, and your unique author voice.

Attention spans are shrinking and competition for eyeballs is fierce, your social media graphics need to do more than just catch the eye—they need to tell your story in a split second. I specialize in creating visuals that not only look stunning but also align perfectly with your author brand. These aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re strategic tools designed to stop the scroll, engage your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

Your author website is more than just a digital business card—it’s your online home, the place where casual visitors transform into dedicated fans. With this in mind, I build websites that prioritize user experience and SEO. The result? A digital space that’s not just visually appealing but also optimized to get you found by search engines and, more importantly, by your ideal readers. Your website becomes a powerful tool in your author platform, serving as a hub for your content, a showcase for your books, and a direct line of communication with your audience.

Let’s dive deeper into SEO—Search Engine Optimization. It’s a term that often gets thrown around, but what does it really mean for authors? At its core, SEO is about being seen online, but it’s so much more than just sprinkling keywords throughout your content. It’s about understanding what your potential readers are searching for and creating quality, relevant content that answers their questions and fulfills their needs. I ensure your digital presence is not just visible but also engaging and valuable to your target audience. This means strategically placing keywords, optimizing your website’s structure, and creating a content strategy that keeps readers coming back for more.

In a world where thousands of new titles hit the market every day, effective book promotion is key to standing out from the crowd. My approach blends tried-and-true methods with cutting-edge techniques. This includes crafting engaging social media campaigns that spark conversations around your work, collaborating with influencers who can amplify your message, and designing targeted ads that put your book in front of the right readers at the right time. The goal? To ensure your book doesn’t just launch—it lands with impact and continues to resonate long after release day.

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools in an author’s arsenal, and it’s an area where many indies struggle. I help you build and nurture your email list, creating newsletters that your readers actually look forward to opening. This direct line to your audience is invaluable for building relationships, sharing updates, and driving book sales.

As we craft your marketing strategy, we’ll also focus on building your author brand. This goes beyond just your books—it’s about creating a cohesive identity that resonates with your target audience. We’ll work together to identify what makes you unique as an author and how to communicate that consistently across all platforms. Your brand becomes the thread that ties all your marketing efforts together, creating a strong, recognizable presence in the literary world.

For many authors, the idea of marketing themselves feels uncomfortable or even inauthentic. I’m here to tell you that effective author marketing isn’t about becoming someone you’re not—it’s about amplifying who you truly are and connecting with readers who will love your work. We’ll focus on strategies that feel genuine to you, whether that’s sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your writing process, engaging in meaningful conversations with your audience, or creating content that adds value to your readers’ lives beyond just promoting your books.

If you’re ready to take your author career to the next level, let’s start the conversation. Your story deserves to be heard, and I’m here to help amplify your voice across the digital landscape. Together, we’ll navigate the complex world of author marketing, turning potential readers into loyal fans and setting the stage for long-term success in your writing career.

Remember, effective marketing is not about shouting the loudest—it’s about reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. With a tailored strategy and consistent effort, we can build a digital presence that not only showcases your books but also establishes you as a notable voice in your genre.

Your journey as an author doesn’t end when you type “The End.” In many ways, that’s just the beginning.


  • What is author marketing? It’s about crafting strategies to build your online presence, connect with readers, and promote your books effectively.
  • How do you brand an author? Author branding involves finding and consistently showcasing your unique voice, style, and message across all marketing channels.
  • How do I market myself as an author? Start by building a strong author brand, engaging on social media, and leveraging your website to share your story and work.
  • How do I find my author brand? Identify what sets you apart—your writing style, themes, and values—then communicate that consistently.
  • How do I market my first novel? Build anticipation early, engage potential readers through social media, your website, and email marketing.
  • When should I start marketing my book? Begin as early as possible, even while writing. Early book marketing helps create buzz for your release.
Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Web Design

Transform your online presence with a custom-designed author website that showcases your unique voice. I craft sites that captivate readers, turning casual browsers into loyal fans. Your digital home will be as compelling as your stories.

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing


Boost your visibility in the vast digital landscape with tailored SEO strategies. I'll optimize your site and content to climb search rankings, connecting you with readers hungry for their next favorite book. Let's make sure they find you first.

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Amplify your social media presence with strategic marketing that resonates. I'll help you engage your audience, expand your reach, and build a community across platforms. Your readers are out there – let's bring them into your world.

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

ARC & Street Team Management

Maximize your book launch's impact with dedicated ARC and Street Team management. I'll organize your enthusiastic readers to generate buzz and build a robust fan base. Together, we'll create a launch that leaves a lasting impression.

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Brand Design

Craft a distinctive author identity that stands out in a crowded market. From eye-catching logo creation to cohesive color schemes, I'll design a brand that resonates uniquely with your audience. Your visual story will be as captivating as your written one.

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Mailer Design & Sendout

Create engaging email campaigns that your readers can't wait to open. With custom designs and strategic send-outs, I'll ensure your newsletters and announcements are received, read, and remembered. Let's keep your audience eagerly anticipating your every word.

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Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing
Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Your Strategic Partner in Author Success

Why Choose Me

Selecting the right digital marketing expert is pivotal for indie authors. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and a genuine passion for books, I offer a blend of professional expertise and personal dedication to elevate your author journey.

In-Depth Digital Expertise Tailored for Authors

With over a decade of digital marketing experience, I specialize in understanding and navigating the unique challenges and opportunities within the publishing industry. My approach is not just about getting your books in front of readers; it’s about creating compelling narratives that resonate across digital platforms. From SEO to social media strategies, every tactic is crafted with precision, backed by years of learning and adaptation to the evolving digital landscape.

Customized Marketing Strategies That Reflect Your Genre

No two books—or authors—are the same. That’s why I tailor my marketing plans to fit not just any author, but you and your specific genre. Whether you’re a romance novelist looking for that perfect swoon-worthy campaign, or a mystery writer aiming to intrigue and entice, my strategies consider the nuances of your genre, ensuring they strike the right chord with your target audience.

A Partnership That Values Your Vision and Voice

Understanding that successful marketing is a partnership, I collaborate closely with you to ensure that every promotional move reflects your personal brand and vision. This collaborative approach not only enhances the authenticity of your promotional efforts but also ensures they are aligned with your long-term goals and values as an indie author.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

Navigating the complexities of book promotions and digital marketing can be daunting and time-consuming. I take the helm, handling the intricate details of marketing, from managing ad campaigns to optimizing your author website for search engines. This frees you up to focus on what you do best—writing and creating—while I ensure that your books gain the visibility they deserve in the crowded online marketplace.

Maximize Your Reach and Reader Engagement

Expanding your reach goes beyond just finding new readers; it’s about creating meaningful engagements that turn casual readers into loyal fans. With my expertise, your online presence will be optimized not just for visibility but for engagement. I implement strategies that encourage interaction, feedback, and participation, which are crucial for building a dedicated readership.

Continuous Support and Growth

The journey of an author doesn’t end with a book launch. I provide ongoing support, adapting strategies as needed to address new challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s adjusting to algorithm changes, exploring new marketing channels, or revising promotional tactics, I am here to guide you through every step, ensuring your author brand continues to grow and succeed in the long term.

Why Indie Authors Rely on My Expertise

I am dedicated to the indie author community, bringing not just services but a partnership that values each author’s unique path and potential. With me, you’re not just hiring a marketer; you’re partnering with someone who is invested in your success and cares about your journey as much as you do.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

My services cover all aspects of digital book marketing. From crafting engaging book descriptions and author bios to designing eye-catching book covers and promotional materials, I ensure every element of your author presence is polished and professional. I also specialize in:

  • Email marketing campaigns to nurture your reader base
  • Book launch strategies that create buzz and drive sales
  • Amazon optimization to improve your book’s discoverability
  • Content marketing through blog posts and guest articles
  • Influencer partnerships to expand your reach
  • Social media management across multiple platforms

Data-Driven Approach for Measurable Results

In the digital age, gut feelings aren’t enough. I use analytics and data insights to inform our strategies, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and sales metrics. This data-driven approach allows us to refine our tactics continuously, ensuring we’re always moving towards your goals efficiently.

Staying Ahead of Industry Trends

The publishing world is constantly evolving, with new technologies and platforms emerging regularly. I stay at the forefront of these changes, whether it’s leveraging audiobook opportunities, exploring virtual book tours, or tapping into the potential of BookTok and other emerging platforms. My commitment to ongoing learning ensures that your marketing strategy remains cutting-edge and effective.

Building a Sustainable Author Career

My goal isn’t just to help you sell books; it’s to help you build a sustainable author career. This means focusing on long-term strategies that build your author platform, create multiple income streams, and establish you as a respected voice in your genre. From helping you develop a backlist strategy to exploring merchandising and speaking opportunities, I’m here to help you turn your passion for writing into a thriving career.

Let’s Navigate Your Publishing Journey Together

Choose to partner with a seasoned digital strategist who brings a combination of passion for books and expertise in digital marketing. Let’s work together to ensure that your books not only reach new heights but also create lasting impacts. Reach out today, and let’s start the journey to make your authorial dreams a reality.

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

12+ Years of Digital Expertise

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Indie Author Specialization

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Consistent Author Support

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Quality Service

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Clear Communication

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Flexible Partnership

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Your Personal Cheerleader

Meg is an invaluable asset to my authorship. Her organizational skills and marketing expertise help me avoid burnout and focus on writing. Megan's strategies have elevated my career, expanding my readership beyond what I could achieve alone. Her savvy approach is indispensable in the demanding world of indie publishing.

Carol James Marshall

Author of Santa Muerte Series

Megan nailed the logo design and color scheme, creating something both soothing and engaging. Her attention to detail and ability to capture my vision exceeded expectations. I'm thrilled with her creative expertise.

Yvonne Tillapaugh

Author of Silence

Megan nailed the logo design and color scheme, creating something both soothing and engaging. Her attention to detail and ability to capture my vision exceeded expectations. I'm thrilled with her creative expertise.

Rebecca J. Cole

Author of Emma Grace: Dante's Obsession

Literary Inspired's gorgeous branding caught my eye. Meg provides affordable services for indie authors. She created a cohesive website design for my diverse books. Her insightful approach and vibrant personality make her an essential team member.

Megan Montgomery

Author of Morgue to Love

Highly recommend! Meg transformed my website, newsletter, and socials, boosting sales. She's attentive, responsive, creative, and action-driven.

Rachel Ellyn

Author of Alien Witness Protection

Megan is a gem! Her marketing, SEO, graphic, and web design skills created a unique website reflecting my vision. She revamped my site and nailed the logo immediately. Her professionalism and work ethic are outstanding.

Anette Nilsson


Megan's work is absolutely perfect! Her design brought me to tears of joy. Her writing is outstanding. I'm filled with gratitude for her creative talents.

Jill Underwood

Author of Billy's and Bobby's New Home

Working with Megan has been fantastic. She provided high-quality, genre-appropriate graphics for social media and engaging post descriptions. Her services saved me hours and boosted my online presence.

Dani Antoinette

Author of Venom & Lace

Megan is an expert in her field. She gave the Sanctuary a professional online appearance, invaluable for our marketing. Her exceptional talent in design made our website beautiful and user-friendly.


Wolf Sanctuary

I'm beyond happy with Megan's help! She's professional, knowledgeable, and intuitive. The website she made is phenomenal and done quickly. She's easy to work with and tackles every task efficiently.

M.A. Cobb

Author of The Dire Reaction

Meg has been a huge help. She designed a one-page website and built my ARC/Street Team. She handled email collection, graphics, and more, allowing me to concentrate on writing.

Mandy Sawchuk

Author of Bound to the Playboy Billionaire

Meg's help with social media and Facebook ads is invaluable. Her design skills are top-notch, and her indie publishing knowledge runs deep. She's proactive and a true partner in my author business.

Katrina Kyle

Author of Hale Mary Series

Working with Megan is great. She's communicative, punctual, and delivers high-quality content. She's organized my social media, freeing me to focus on writing.

Anna Svoboda

Author of Whatever it Takes

Meg did a phenomenal job setting up my website. She handles updates and new projects quickly with great attention to detail!

Natalie Cammaratta

Author of The Falling & Uprising Series

Literary Inspired is a treat to work with. Meg is responsive, sets realistic expectations, and considers feedback to deliver exactly what you want. She created a logo and brand that perfectly captured my vision.


Debut Author

Meg is a pleasure to work with! Her support in SEO and book promotion has increased my engagement and sales!

Samantha Shaye

Author of The Fall of Ahilon

Fantastic service! Meg has helped, supported, and inspired me through my first book. Her guidance and expertise are invaluable for any first-time author.

Lou Poletti

Author of Gamebound

As an emerging Indie Author, I'm lucky to have Meg. She manages my social media, marketing, and newsletter creation beautifully. Her website redesign is perfect. I can't recommend her enough!

Christine Miles

Author of Smart is Seriously Sexy

Meg was a supportive presence throughout my book launch. She embraced the unique challenge of my book, believing in its success. Her organized approach and timely responses reduced my stress. Her affordable services span websites, graphic design, and marketing.

Irene Te

Author of This Place is Magic

Meg was great to work with, very transparent about her process, and answered all my questions with kindness. Highly recommend!

Becca Lamb

Author of Say When

Elevate Your Book with Expert Marketing Tips

Free Marketing Tips for Authors

Searching for free marketing tips tailored for authors? You’ve landed in the right place. My blog is a treasure trove of insights covering everything from crafting an impactful author website to mastering the nuances of book promotions. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned author, these tips are your toolkit for boosting your author brand to new heights of visibility and success.

Unlocking Your Marketing Potential: Insights for Authors

Welcome to the author-focused corner of Literary Inspired, where I share free marketing tips, strategies, and insights tailored to the unique challenges writers face in today’s digital landscape. From effective website design to dynamic social media engagement, my blog is your go-to resource for elevating your author brand and expanding your readership.

Deep Dive into Digital Marketing for Authors

Building Your Author Website: Your website is more than just a digital business card – it’s your online hub. I’ll guide you through creating a site that not only captivates visitors but also serves as a powerful tool for reader engagement and book sales. Learn about user-friendly design, SEO best practices, and how to transform your site into a destination for fans and new readers alike.

Mastering SEO for Authors: In the vast digital sea, visibility is key. My posts on SEO for authors demystify the process, offering actionable steps to enhance your online presence. From keyword research to optimizing your content for search engines, these tips are designed to put your work in front of more eyes and attract your target audience.

Social Media Strategies for Writers: Engaging with readers and building your community on social media can be transformative for your career. Discover how to craft compelling content, choose the right social media platforms for your brand, and use these channels to drive interest in your book launches and author events.

Email Marketing Mastery for Authors: An email list is a valuable asset for any writer. Dive into strategies for growing your author newsletter, creating content that resonates with subscribers, and using email campaigns to promote new releases and foster deeper connections with your readers.

Content Creation & Storytelling in Marketing: As an author, storytelling is your superpower. Learn how to extend these skills into your marketing content, creating blog posts, social media updates, and promotional materials that captivate your audience and reinforce your brand.

Analytics & Adaptation for Author Marketing: Understanding the impact of your marketing efforts is crucial. My blog covers the basics of analytics for authors, teaching you how to interpret data, make informed decisions, and adjust your strategies for maximum effectiveness in the ever-changing publishing landscape.

Industry Insights & Expert Advice: In addition to my own expertise, the blog features insights from industry professionals, guest posts from marketing experts, and interviews with successful authors. These diverse perspectives offer a well-rounded view of the best practices and innovative strategies in author marketing.

Navigating Book Promotions: Discover effective ways to promote your books, from virtual book tours and online readings to leveraging book review blogs and literary podcasts. Learn how to create buzz around your releases and maintain momentum long after launch day.

Branding for Authors: Your author brand is more than just your name on a book cover. Explore strategies for developing a cohesive author brand that resonates with your target readers and sets you apart in a crowded market.

Leveraging Audio and Video Content: As the publishing world evolves, so do the ways authors can connect with readers. Dive into tips for creating engaging author vlogs, starting your own literary podcast, or making the most of platforms like BookTok to reach new audiences.

Monetization Strategies Beyond Book Sales: Explore ways to diversify your income streams as an author. From speaking engagements and writing workshops to merchandise and Patreon campaigns, learn how to build a sustainable career around your writing.

Whether you’re preparing to launch your debut novel, growing readership for an existing series, or exploring new marketing avenues, my blog is here to support you every step of the way. With a focus on practical advice, creative solutions, and the latest marketing trends for authors, you’ll find everything you need to make your author brand thrive in the competitive digital age.

Embrace the journey of transforming your marketing approach with Literary Inspired by your side. Dive into the blog and discover the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to take your author platform to new heights. Let’s unlock your marketing potential together, one post at a time, and watch your writing career soar.

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