When it comes to Pricing and Fees, I’m your transparent and flexible partner. I offer a diverse array of services designed to align with your unique needs and, crucially, your budget. No hidden charges, no unexpected twists—just clear, straightforward pricing that works for you.

The financial side of digital marketing can sometimes feel like a labyrinth, but fear not—I’ve got you covered. My Pricing and Fees section is crafted to give you a lucid and detailed outline of how your investment will be utilized effectively.

First up, customization is our watchword. Every author is different, and your budget shouldn’t be a roadblock to your digital aspirations. That’s why I offer a smorgasbord of service packages that can be combined in various ways to craft a personalized solution tailored just for you.

Let’s delve into web design. Whether you’re in the market for a basic framework to kick things off or a fully bespoke website loaded with features, there’s a package tailored to your needs. Each tier comes with its own set of features, from design components to SEO optimization, allowing you to pick what aligns best with your objectives and financial plan.

SEO services are equally versatile. Choose from one-time audits to ongoing monthly upkeep, depending on your specific SEO goals. And don’t worry, every SEO package is structured to deliver measurable outcomes, which you can track through detailed analytics.

When it comes to social media marketing, the adaptability doesn’t end. Opt for packages that differ in posting frequency, platform reach, and additional perks like audience engagement and analytics tracking. It’s all about selecting the package that meshes well with both your brand and your budget.

Content writing and graphic design services are also on the menu à la carte. Need a standalone press release or a collection of eye-catching graphics for an upcoming book event? Say no more! These services are individually priced, giving you the liberty to mix and match as you proceed.

Oh, and did I mention consultation fees? If you’re simply seeking expert guidance or a strategy brainstorming session, I offer hourly consultation rates as well.

Concerned about upfront costs? I get it, especially for indie authors. That’s why I provide flexible payment plans that distribute the cost over an extended period, making it easier on your finances.

Transparency is a cornerstone of my approach. So, if you ever find yourself puzzled about pricing, extra charges, or anything related to finances, I’m just a message away. Let’s work together to ensure the numbers align in a way that’s advantageous for both your literary project and your wallet.


  • Do you offer discounts for bundled services? Absolutely, bundling services can offer a cost-effective solution, and discounts are available.

  • What forms of payment do you accept? I accept various forms of payment, including PayPal and Payoneer.

  • Is there a contract or commitment? Contracts are flexible and can be adjusted based on your needs and the scope of the project.

If you’re ready to invest in your digital journey without breaking the bank, my transparent and flexible pricing structure is designed to make that happen. Let’s make your budget work as hard as you do!

Web Design & Services

1-Page Website $150
Get started with a sleek and informative 1-page website that showcases your author bio, books, and contact information. I will create a professional online presence that captivates visitors and effectively represents your brand.
5-Pages Website $500
Expand your online presence with a comprehensive 5-page website. Together, we'll create dedicated sections for your author bio, books, blog, events, and more. Engage readers and provide a seamless browsing experience.
E-Commerce Website $850
Maximize your book sales potential by offering a seamless shopping experience directly from your website. I will develop a robust e-commerce platform that allows you to sell your books and merchandise worldwide.
Web Maintenance $45/mo
Keep your website up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly with my website maintenance service. I will handle software updates, security patches, and content management, providing you with peace of mind.
Once-off SEO $150
Boost your website's search engine visibility with a one-time SEO optimization service. I will optimize your content, meta tags, and website structure to improve your organic search rankings.
Monthly SEO $70/mo
Maintain a strong online presence with my ongoing monthly SEO service. I will continuously optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results, attracting more organic traffic and increasing your visibility.
Domain Registration $20/yr
Secure your online brand identity with my domain registration service. Choose a memorable domain name that reflects your author brand, and I will assist you in establishing a professional online presence.
Hosting $30/mo
Secure your online brand identity with my domain registration service. Choose a memorable domain name that reflects your author brand, and I will assist you in establishing a professional online presence

Social, Branding & Promotions

Logo & Digital Signature $100
Establish a distinctive visual identity with a professionally designed logo and digital signature. I will craft a unique representation of your author brand that sets you apart from the crowd.
Mailer Creation and Design $60
Engage your audience with visually appealing and well-crafted email newsletters. I will create and design customized mailers that align with your author brand, helping you effectively communicate with your readers and promote your latest updates, book releases, and special offers.
Social Media Graphics $50
Elevate your social media presence with captivating graphics designed exclusively for you. I will create visually appealing designs that align with your author brand, helping you leave a lasting impression.
Monthly Social Media Marketing $120/mo
Stay consistently active and engaging on your social media channels with my monthly social media marketing service. I'll post up to 3 times per week across Facebook and Instagram. This package includes a monthly content plan and overview, design of artwork tailored for each social platform, caption writing, hashtag research, and scheduling.
Facebook and Instagram Ad Services $80/mo
Take your social media strategy to the next level with targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. I'll create a single, cohesive campaign that runs on both platforms. This service includes audience research, graphic creation, written content, captions, and headlines. I'll also set up the ad and monitor its performance, providing you with monthly reports. Note: The advertising budget is separate and at your discretion.
Facebook Group Community Management $80/mo
Nurture an engaged and supportive Facebook community of readers with my community group management service. I will vet new members, prompt engaging discussions, and monitor conversations to ensure a thriving and positive environment.
VA & PA Services $15/hr
Delegate tasks and save time by utilizing my virtual assistant services. From administrative tasks to social media management and content creation, I offer flexible support tailored to your specific needs.

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