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Browse through my portfolio where each project showcases my creativity and dedication to delivering a finished product that exceeds your expectations. My portfolio is a testament to the bespoke strategies and unique voices of a diverse author clientele.

Diverse Projects, Singular Focus: My portfolio is not merely a collection of past projects; it’s a compendium of individual success stories, each as unique as the author behind them. From the spark of an initial idea to the final execution of a comprehensive digital strategy, every project underscores my commitment to bespoke service and impactful results.

A Narrative of Triumph: Each entry in my portfolio is a narrative, detailing the collaborative journey of transforming an author’s vision into a compelling online presence. It showcases the evolution of strategies that have propelled indie authors from obscurity to spotlight, and established authors to new peaks of their literary careers.

Testimonials as Milestones: Embedded within this portfolio are testimonials from satisfied clients, markers of success that narrate the effectiveness of my work. These testimonials serve not only as endorsements but as case studies for potential strategies that could be applied to your author brand.

Strategies Tailored to Author Goals: Whether it’s a startup indie author looking for a launchpad or a best-selling novelist seeking to broaden their digital horizon, my portfolio reflects tailored strategies aligned with specific author goals, resonating with target audiences and maximizing online engagement.

Visuals That Speak Volumes: Behind every successful campaign is a visual language that communicates directly to the heart of readers. The portfolio exhibits high-quality graphics, websites, and social media content that are not just visually stunning but strategically designed to engage and convert.

A Testament to Growth and Innovation: Each project is a step forward in my professional growth, showcasing an evolution in skills and an adaptation to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. What remains constant is an unwavering dedication to innovation and a drive to push boundaries for my clients.

FAQs: Delving into My Portfolio

  • Can I view projects specific to my genre or marketing needs? Certainly! My portfolio is categorized to showcase projects relevant to various genres and marketing objectives.

  • How do your past projects inform future strategies? Each project adds to a repository of knowledge, informing and shaping future strategies with proven tactics and fresh, innovative ideas.

  • What can your portfolio tell me about your experience with authors? It offers a narrative of extensive experience, detailing successful engagements with authors across genres and marketing goals.

Explore my portfolio to witness the scope and impact of my work, offering a glimpse into what we could achieve together. Each project stands as a beacon of potential for your author brand, and I’m here to guide you to similar success. Let’s start your chapter in my gallery of digital victories.

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What My Clients are Saying

Dive into the firsthand accounts from authors who have partnered with me. Their testimonials reflect the commitment and results-driven approach of our collaborations, showcasing the growth of their author platform and increased reader engagement through targeted marketing strategies.

Real Authors, Real Impact: Each testimonial is a genuine account of an author’s experience with my services—from crafting a brand identity to launching targeted marketing campaigns. These stories weave a narrative of success and satisfaction, serving as a guiding light for potential collaborations.

Crafting Collaborative Success: Behind every testimonial is a story of partnership and perseverance. Clients share how their input and my expertise combined to create marketing strategies that not only met but exceeded their expectations.

A Spectrum of Services Celebrated: From web design to social media management, clients from across my service spectrum share their successes. You’ll read about the bespoke designs that captured the essence of their work and the strategic campaigns that broadened their reader base.

Trust, Transformed into Testimony: The trust placed in me by authors is not taken lightly; it’s transformed into a testimony of hard work and shared achievement. These testimonials underscore my commitment to each author’s unique needs and the mutual journey to their desired outcomes.

Growth Beyond Metrics: Success isn’t just about numbers—it’s about growth, presence, and satisfaction. Authors detail how their online presence has grown, how their brands have become more robust, and how their readership has expanded through our collaborative efforts.

A Mosaic of Marketing Mastery: Each testimonial adds a piece to the mosaic of my marketing mastery, displaying the broad palette of possibilities available to authors. They illustrate the results-driven approach I take, ensuring that every marketing initiative is purposeful and impactful.

FAQs: Insights from Client Testimonials

  • How do you tailor strategies to individual authors? By deeply understanding each author’s goals, audience, and brand voice, I tailor strategies that are unique and effective.

  • What do clients appreciate most about your services? Clients frequently mention their appreciation for my responsiveness, attention to detail, and the measurable growth they’ve observed.

Explore the testimonials to see the narrative of success that could be yours. Each voice is an echo of what we can achieve together, from the first page to the last word in your digital marketing journey. Let’s write a story of success that will resonate for years to come.

Megan from literaryinspired.com has been the answer to my authorship needs. As an author, I know firsthand the immense time and effort required to make everything work. Unfortunately, this often means trying to do it all alone, which leaves little time for actual writing and can lead to severe burnout. I found myself in that exact situation until I met Megan.

Megan has become an invaluable asset to my authorship. With her organizational skills and guidance, I have been able to reclaim precious time for writing while avoiding burnout. She has a deep understanding of strategies, marketing techniques, and effective task management that has truly elevated my authorship to new heights. Thanks to Megan’s expertise, I am now taking steps towards expanding my readership which I could have never achieved on my own.

I am thankful for Megan’s support and highly recommend her to any author seeking assistance. Her savvy approach and multifaceted skills make her an indispensable partner in the demanding world of authorship. With Megan by your side, you can trust that your writing career will flourish while you enjoy the process and avoid the overwhelming burden of trying to do it all alone.

Carol James Marshall

Author of Santa Muerte Series

OMG Megan, you nailed it. I LOVE the logo, and the colors are immediately soothing and yet engaging. I love love love it. Thank you so much!

Yvonne Tillapaugh

Author of Silence

The best move I ever made since I started writing was hiring Megan from Literary Inspired. She never fails to impress me with her professionalism and knowledge.

Rebecca J. Cole

Author of Emma Grace: Dante's Obsession

As soon as I saw Literary Inspired’s gorgeous colors and logo, I wanted to work with them. What better way to illustrate how well you know branding and the indie market than having a great brand yourself? I reached out to Meg thinking her company would be out of reach for my needs as a small but growing indie author, but I was thrilled to discover she provides many affordable services. I worked with her on the design for my new website (honestly, I DID NOT expect ANYONE to be able to pull together the different styles of books I write) but Meg managed to do the impossible and create a cohesive, unique, and beautiful design that encapsulates both of my niche romance series.

Working with her was such a pleasant experience. She provided insight where it was needed, listened to my oddball aesthetic needs, and delivered my website quickly. It looks better than I could have imagined.

Meg has such a vibrant personality and she’s become a valued member of my team. I will use more of her services in the near future and I’m thrilled to watch her well-deserved growth!

Megan Montgomery

Author of Morgue to Love

Highly recommend! Meg has transformed my website, upped my newsletter game, revamped my socials, and it’s producing exciting sales results. She’s attentive, responsive, creative, and action-driven.

Rachel Ellyn

Author of Alien Witness Protection

Megan is a gem! It takes marketing and SEO know-how, graphic and web design skills, creativity and more to create a unique website that reflects your vision. Megan got it all, and more. She revamped my website and nailed it and a logo immediately. I went through 4-5 people and a lot stress before finding Literary Inspired. Best of all, Megan is a true professional with immaculate work ethics. I cannot praise her enough.

Anette Nilsson


Oh Megan!It is absolutely perfect!I am about to cry with tears of joy! And your writing is outstanding!Bless you and thank you!I am filled with joy!!!!

Jill Underwood

Author of Billy's and Bobby's New Home

Working with Megan has been absolutely fantastic. She provided high-quality, genre-appropriate, eye-catching graphics that I am able to use across various social media platforms. She also provided engaging post descriptions that were relevant to my books, which were extremely helpful and saved me hours of time. I would recommend her services and I look forward to working more with her in the future.

Dani Antoinette

Author of Venom & Lace

Megan is an expert in her field. She is the reason why the Sanctuary has a professional online appearance, which has been invaluable in terms of our marketing and representing our cause. She is exceptionally talented and creative in her design style, giving our website a beautiful look, but also making it functional and user-friendly to our site visitors. We appreciate Megan’s pride in her work and perfectionism, and her endless willingness to assist us whenever needed.


Wolf Sanctuary

I am beyond happy with Megan’s help! She is professional and knowledgeable and knows exactly what I need at the right time. The website she made for me is phenomenal, and was done very quickly. She is easy to work with and has jumped on every task I’ve needed help with. Highly recommend, and I’m thankful she’s here to help me!

M.A. Cobb

Author of The Dire Reaction

Meg has been a huge help for me. She designed a one-page website and helped me build my ARC/Street Team. She collected email addresses, created graphics, and did whatever was needed so I could concentrate on writing. I will be hiring her again!

Mandy Sawchuk

Author of Bound to the Playboy Billionaire

I’m so happy I found Meg to help with my social media posts and Facebook ads. She is thorough and responsive and her design skills are top-notch. She’s always available to bounce ideas off of, and her knowledge of indie publishing runs deep. I love that she is proactive in sharing her thoughts. She’s truly a partner in my author business and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Katrina Kyle

Author of Hale Mary Series

I love working with Megan. She’s communicative, punctual and always delivers high-quality content. I’ve been overwhelmed with what to post on social media and felt like my time would be better spent writing than agonizing over which images to post on my Instagram or what to share on my Facebook. Since Megan took over, my socials are much better organized and I’m free to focus on my writing. I highly recommend her services!

Anna Svoboda

Author of Whatever it Takes

Meg did a phenomenal job setting up my website, and does updates and new projects quickly and with great attention to detail!

Natalie Cammaratta

Author of The Falling & Uprising Series

Literary Inspired is honestly a treat to work with. Meg is extremely responsive, sets realistic expectations, and is constantly considering your feedback to ensure you are getting exactly what you had hoped for.
Personally for me, I set out to have a logo designed by her since my online presence is mostly through graphics and minimal speaking and/or sitting in front of a camera. At first, I think I was a bit unsure of exactly what I wanted. Yet, Meg somehow could take my unchoesive ideas from Canva and begin to form a logo and brand I could always see but not replicate visually. After a few more briefs, as she calls them, she came up with all that I could imagine and hope for.
Thanks a bunch Meg for all that you have done and I look forward to further collaborations in the future.


Debut Author

Meg is a pleasure to work with! I love having her support from SEO to getting my book out there! Engagement and sales have been up because of her help!

Samantha Shaye

Author of The Fall of Ahilon

Absolutely fantastic service, I can only recommend it! Meg has helped, supported and inspired me through our work on my first book. Any first-time author would be lucky to enlist her guidance and expertise, and I strongly recommend doing so!

Lou Poletti

Author of Gamebound

As a still emerging Indie Author, I feel incredibly lucky to have Meg on my team. She has seamlessly taken over managing my social media, the (dreaded) marketing, and newsletter creation. Her work is beautiful and professional, as well as well-written and edited. She just redesigned my website, too, and it's perfect. Next up--turning it into an e-commerce site. I can't recommend her enough!

Christine Miles

Author of Smart is Seriously Sexy

I've loved working with Meg over the course of my book launch. It was my first experience launching a book and she was such a kind, supportive, and patient presence in my life throughout the months leading up to release day. I chose Meg because, after reviewing several other potential choices for a PA/marketer, she was the only one to tell me that my book (which does not adhere to current big trends or super popular tropes) would be a unique and exciting challenge for her rather than something difficult to sell. Meg shared that she loves to work with a variety of authors across genres, and she is certainly a fantastic person to be on your team regardless of what kind of book you're promoting. I felt reassured from the beginning that she believed in my book and cared about its success. Her organized approach and timely responses took away a lot of stress for me. Meg also has a robust portfolio of work she's done, from websites to graphic design to marketing, and her prices are affordable + transparent. I truly could not recommend her enough. If you're looking for a PA, whether you're more seasoned in the publishing game or new to it like me, please pick Meg! She is wonderful!

Irene Te

Author of This Place is Magic

Literary Inspired | Affordable Indie Author Marketing

Around the World: Your Time Zone is My Workspace

Serving Authors Globally

My client map spans continents, demonstrating that effective collaboration knows no geographic limits. Flexibility and adaptability are cornerstones of my approach, ensuring that no matter where you write your stories, I’m there to help you share them.

Adapting to Your World: The sun never sets on my services. With clients in a multitude of time zones, my work rhythm adapts to yours, ensuring that collaboration is as seamless as if we were in the same room.

A Web of Success Across the Globe: This map is a constellation of success stories. Each location marks where tailored strategies have been implemented, leading to increased visibility and reader connection for authors across different cultures and markets.

Cultivating Connection, Globally: Building relationships with readers doesn’t stop at borders. My experience with international audiences allows me to craft messages that resonate, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers to hit the mark every time.

Flexibility That Follows the Moon: I align my schedule to meet the demands of your project and communication preferences, ensuring that the distance between us is just a number, not a barrier.

Understanding Cultural Nuances: Marketing an author’s work internationally requires a deep understanding of varying cultural contexts. My strategies are infused with this understanding, ensuring that they are relevant, respectful, and engaging for each unique audience.

Seamless Project Management Across Seas: Leveraging technology and efficient project management tools, I ensure that tasks are completed and milestones are met with the precision of a well-orchestrated global dance.

FAQs: Working Across Time Zones and Territories

  • How do you manage communication across different time zones? By scheduling regular check-ins at times that are convenient for you and making use of asynchronous communication when needed.

  • Can you adapt marketing strategies to fit my specific audience, no matter their location? Yes, my marketing strategies are always tailored to fit the cultural and regional nuances of your target audience.

Step into a service realm where global coverage meets local service detail. Whether you’re a sunrise writer in Sydney or a night owl novelist in New York, my expertise transcends time zones and connects literary voices with readers worldwide. Let’s take your story global.


Your Success Is My Mission

Why Choose Me

Select a partner who is invested in making your authorial presence resonate across every digital platform. My direct, results-oriented approach is tailored to meet the unique challenges and goals of your author brand.

Focused Expertise for Author Growth: I bring a wealth of experience in digital marketing specifically honed for authors, ensuring strategies that are not just effective but also relevant to the literary market. With an in-depth understanding of both the creative and commercial aspects of the book industry, I position your brand for growth and visibility.

Custom Strategies for Every Author: Recognizing that no two authors are the same, I craft customized marketing plans that align with your unique voice and goals. From establishing a new author platform to enhancing an existing online presence, my strategies are designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be.

Proven Success Across Genres: My portfolio reflects a track record of success stories across a variety of genres. I understand the nuances that differentiate marketing a romance novel from a mystery thriller and apply this knowledge to target your specific audience effectively.

Commitment to Transparency: With me, you’ll always know where you stand. I believe in transparent communication, clear reporting, and honest feedback, ensuring that you’re informed and in control throughout our partnership.

Adaptable and Up-to-Date Techniques: The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so are my tactics. I stay abreast of the latest trends, algorithm updates, and marketing techniques, ensuring your strategy is current and competitive.

A Partner Beyond Projects: My relationship with clients often extends beyond the completion of a project. I offer ongoing support, advice, and insights to help you navigate the ever-evolving digital space long after our initial project has concluded.

FAQs: Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Partner

  • What sets your services apart from others? It’s my dedication to creating personalized strategies that are not only designed for immediate impact but are also sustainable for long-term success.

  • How do you keep up with the changing digital marketing landscape? By continually educating myself, attending industry events, and staying connected with a network of digital marketing professionals.

In the quest to elevate your author brand, choose a partner who matches your ambition with proven expertise. Let’s collaborate to write a new chapter in your author journey—one where your voice carries across the digital expanse, connecting with readers and building your legacy. Contact me to start our partnership.

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