Don’t just rely on my words; listen to the authors themselves! From crafting visually stunning author websites to executing effective SEO strategies and designing eye-catching social media graphics, I’ve had the privilege of bringing a variety of exhilarating projects to fruition.

They say the proof is in the pudding, and what better validation of my services than the firsthand accounts of the authors I’ve been fortunate to partner with? My Testimonials section serves as an unfiltered window into the tangible impact of my diverse services on indie authors’ careers.

First off, let’s discuss author websites. A website isn’t merely a digital placeholder; it’s an author’s virtual sanctuary. The testimonials in my portfolio underscore how I’ve metamorphosed these ‘sanctuaries’ into dynamic platforms that not only spotlight the authors’ works but also foster meaningful interactions with their audiences.

Moving on to SEO strategies. In today’s digital ecosystem, visibility is the new gold, and SEO is the alchemy that transmutes it. The authors I’ve collaborated with have witnessed measurable enhancements in their digital footprints—from climbing the search engine ranks to boosting organic traffic—all thanks to bespoke SEO plans that really deliver.

Social media is today’s digital hearth, a communal space where stories come alive, and social media graphics are the embers that spark curiosity. The testimonials will reveal how tailor-made graphics have not merely spruced up authors’ social media pages but also substantially ramped up engagement metrics.

But let’s zoom out for a moment—it’s not just about isolated services; it’s about the cumulative effect. Numerous authors I’ve teamed up with have chosen a multi-pronged approach, melding elements like web design, SEO, and social media marketing into a unified digital game plan. The outcome? A synergistic boost leading to surging book sales, an expanding fan community, and a robust author brand that distinguishes itself in a saturated market.


  • Do you have case studies to showcase the results? Absolutely, my portfolio includes detailed case studies that provide an in-depth look at the results achieved.

  • What’s the common feedback you receive from authors? The most frequent feedback highlights the effectiveness of my strategies, the clarity of communication, and the overall satisfaction with the achieved goals.

  • How can I be featured in your testimonials? Once we’ve successfully completed a project, I’d be thrilled to feature your testimonial and share your success story.

Curious to see how I’ve aided other authors in flipping to a fresh chapter in their digital narratives? My portfolio is just a click away. Dive in and let’s explore how we can co-author your success saga.


Oh Megan!It is absolutely perfect!I am about to cry with tears of joy! And your writing is outstanding!Bless you and thank you!I am filled with joy!!!!

Jill Underwood
Author of Billy's and Bobby's New Home
Megan is an expert in her field. She is the reason why the Sanctuary has a professional online appearance, which has been invaluable in terms of our marketing and representing our cause. She is exceptionally talented and creative in her design style, giving our website a beautiful look, but also making it functional and user-friendly to our site visitors. We appreciate Megan’s pride in her work and perfectionism, and her endless willingness to assist us whenever needed.
Wolf Sanctuary
I was amazed at how quickly Megan was able to get the work done and how much weight it took off my shoulders. My web design skills are 20 years out of date and she did a far better job than I ever could.
Jen Hinderliter
Owner of Alactrity Writing

Thank you so much for designing my new website! I love it and it really captures the essence of my brand and me. Thanks for always going the extra mile and making sure that everything was ready for the launch!

Jaclyn Holmes
Owner of Schnooky Pie

I’m so happy I found Meg to help with my social media posts and Facebook ads. She is thorough and responsive and her design skills are top-notch. She’s always available to bounce ideas off of, and her knowledge of indie publishing runs deep. I love that she is proactive in sharing her thoughts. She’s truly a partner in my author business and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Katrina Kyle
Author of Hale Mary Series
Working with Megan has been absolutely fantastic. She provided high-quality, genre-appropriate, eye-catching graphics that I am able to use across various social media platforms. She also provided engaging post descriptions that were relevant to my books, which were extremely helpful and saved me hours of time. I would recommend her services and I look forward to working more with her in the future.
Author of Venom & Lace

Highly recommend! Meg has transformed my website, upped my newsletter game, revamped my socials, and it’s producing exciting sales results. She’s attentive, responsive, creative, and action-driven.

Rachel Ellyn
Author of Alien Witness Protection

OMG Megan, you nailed it. I LOVE the logo, and the colors are immediately soothing and yet engaging. I love love love it. Thank you so much!

Yvonne Tillapaugh
Author of Silence

Meg has been a huge help for me. She designed a one-page website and helped me build my ARC/Street Team. She collected email addresses, created graphics, and did whatever was needed so I could concentrate on writing. I will be hiring her again!

Mandy Sawchuk
Author of Bound to the Playboy Billionaire

As soon as I saw Literary Inspired’s gorgeous colors and logo, I wanted to work with them. What better way to illustrate how well you know branding and the indie market than having a great brand yourself? I reached out to Meg thinking her company would be out of reach for my needs as a small but growing indie author, but I was thrilled to discover she provides many affordable services. I worked with her on the design for my new website (honestly, I DID NOT expect ANYONE to be able to pull together the different styles of books I write) but Meg managed to do the impossible and create a cohesive, unique, and beautiful design that encapsulates both of my niche romance series.

Working with her was such a pleasant experience. She provided insight where it was needed, listened to my oddball aesthetic needs, and delivered my website quickly. It looks better than I could have imagined.

Meg has such a vibrant personality and she’s become a valued member of my team. I will use more of her services in the near future and I’m thrilled to watch her well-deserved growth!

Megan Montgomery
Author of Morgue to Love
I am beyond happy with Megan’s help! She is professional and knowledgeable and knows exactly what I need at the right time. The website she made for me is phenomenal, and was done very quickly. She is easy to work with and has jumped on every task I’ve needed help with. Highly recommend, and I’m thankful she’s here to help me!
M.A. Cobb
Author of The Dire Reaction

Megan from has been the answer to my authorship needs. As an author, I know firsthand the immense time and effort required to make everything work. Unfortunately, this often means trying to do it all alone, which leaves little time for actual writing and can lead to severe burnout. I found myself in that exact situation until I met Megan.

Megan has become an invaluable asset to my authorship. With her organizational skills and guidance, I have been able to reclaim precious time for writing while avoiding burnout. She has a deep understanding of strategies, marketing techniques, and effective task management that has truly elevated my authorship to new heights. Thanks to Megan’s expertise, I am now taking steps towards expanding my readership which I could have never achieved on my own.

I am thankful for Megan’s support and highly recommend her to any author seeking assistance. Her savvy approach and multifaceted skills make her an indispensable partner in the demanding world of authorship. With Megan by your side, you can trust that your writing career will flourish while you enjoy the process and avoid the overwhelming burden of trying to do it all alone.

Author of Santa Muerte Series

Thank you so much for designing my new website! I love it and it really captures the essence of my brand and me. Thanks for always going the extra mile and making sure that everything was ready for the launch!

Jen Brueton
Owner of Holly Molly

I love working with Megan. She’s communicative, punctual and always delivers high-quality content. I’ve been overwhelmed with what to post on social media and felt like my time would be better spent writing than agonizing over which images to post on my Instagram or what to share on my Facebook. Since Megan took over, my socials are much better organized and I’m free to focus on my writing. I highly recommend her services!

Anna Svoboda
Author of Whatever it Takes

Megan is a gem! It takes marketing and SEO know-how, graphic and web design skills, creativity and more to create a unique website that reflects your vision. Megan got it all, and more. She revamped my website and nailed it and a logo immediately. I went through 4-5 people and a lot stress before finding Literary Inspired. Best of all, Megan is a true professional with immaculate work ethics. I cannot praise her enough.

Anette Nilsson

The best move I ever made since I started writing was hiring Megan from Literary Inspired. She never fails to impress me with her professionalism and knowledge.

Author of Emma Grace: Dante's Obsession

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