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Interview with Mia Fury author of Stripped of Mercy

In my Author Spotlight series, I shine a light on the talented authors in the indie romance community. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Mia Fury, the creative mind behind the captivating book, Stripped of Mercy. Mia Fury is the alter ego of an established PNR writer who ventured into the darker waters and decided to stay. The Bennett brothers are her proudest creation to date, but keep an eye out for more, unrelated, books coming soon too. Dark, naughty, and steamy are promised.

Stripped of Mercy is a dark, deadly romance that delves into the Bennett Crime World. Deano, dealing with the aftermath of a botched surgery, faces deadly episodes of rage and a need for revenge. Evie, a witness to his violent crime, finds herself drawn to this wounded man. As their paths intertwine, their attraction becomes as dangerous as the world they navigate. Will Deano find redemption, or will he become a threat to the Bennett empire?

Can you give us a sneak peek into how you craft complex characters like Deano, who’s dealing with personal struggles while navigating the criminal world?

I think each character starts out pretty simple, but the character naturally rounds out as I write. I’m known to be a major pantser, so often I go in with very little idea of what I want to do with a character or a book and just let it unfold. Deano revealed facets to his personality that I never expected, so he was really fun to write.

“Stripped of Mercy” introduces us to Evie, who crosses paths with the enigmatic Deano. What drew you to develop their relationship in the midst of danger and revenge? How do you balance the dark themes with the romantic elements in your storytelling?

Being a pantser, I like to throw two people together and let them get themselves into all kinds of trouble! Evie very quickly became so protective of Deano that for once I was writing a ‘touch HIM and die,’ as well as the other way around. Every time she threw herself between him and danger, I was just so proud of her, while simultaneously screaming ‘what are you doing?’ at her.

Balancing dark and romantic themes can be tricky. Some readers want more of one than the other, but I believe the contrasts and balances highlight each other in a way that makes the story even more beautiful. Writing dark heroes (or anti-heroes) is tricky, because you have to make them dark and keep them that way, but at the same time, they have to soften for their woman at times and be at least a little redeemable.

As an indie romance author, what challenges have you faced in terms of promoting your books and building a readership? Could you share some insights into the strategies you’ve used to connect with your audience and enhance your digital reach?

I think ‘indie writer’ is a completely different career than that of a traditionally published writer because we have to be all the things and somehow fit that into the same amount of hours in a day. For me, I wish I could afford to have people doing all the promo for me so that I could focus on writing only, but I do enjoy some of the marketing side of things. Meeting with, chatting with, and creating shenanigans with other writers and readers alike is one of the best parts of this job. Connecting with people, albeit mostly virtually, is an important part of my job as a writer.

Your social media presence is impressive, with profiles on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and more. How do you approach using these platforms to engage with readers and share updates about your books?

I think if we’re not on as many platforms as possible, we risk missing vital audiences that we really want to connect with. Am I getting this promo thing right? I’m pretty sure I’m not, but I’m doing the best I can and enjoying most of the ride. Would I love to see my TikTok videos gain a wider reach? Of course, but again, I have no idea how to do these things, so I’m pantsing this side as well as the writing.

“Stripped of Mercy” explores intense themes that may be triggering for some readers. How do you find the balance between addressing sensitive topics and ensuring your readers have a fulfilling reading experience?

Dark romance can’t exist without triggering content because it’s our safe place to explore things others wouldn’t find palatable. It’s an essential genre of literature. For some, the reading of such content offers a catharsis or release from having experienced such things, and for others, it’s a chance to venture into the darkness, knowing there’s an easy way back out. I’m very clear with trigger warnings because I’d rather everyone went in fully informed.

Your alter ego, Mia Fury, has created quite a world within the Bennett Crime series. Could you give us a glimpse into your writing process? Do you meticulously plan your stories or let the characters guide you?

Pantser all the way here. For me, it’s sitting down with a blank screen and maybe a vague idea and then I just start typing. There’s no planning at all, and the word terrifies me. My characters own me, and I’m their little b*tch, but I like it that way.

Indie authors often wear multiple hats, from writing to marketing. Any tips for fellow indie authors looking to enhance their digital reach?

I have plenty of advice, but whether it’s the right advice for each individual is unlikely. For me, I started with the writing, and when I had a few books out there, I had to feel my way for promo and marketing. I’d say for anyone new, who’s working on as yet unpublished works, don’t waste too much time planning social media before your book is ready. The whole side of things is all-consuming, and it can absolutely get in the way of making words.

Can you tease us with a hint about what readers can expect next from you in terms of upcoming projects or books?

Of course, there’s one more book coming in the Bennett Crime World, and then that’s pretty much it, although there will be short stories and things now and then. I’m also writing more shifters (not wolves this time), and have a whole new series coming with five of seven books already written. There’s SO much more to come yet!

Your latest release, “Stripped of Mercy,” delves into the Bennett Crime World series. Could you tell us more about the series’ evolution and what keeps you excited to explore this captivating world?

At Their Mercy was my first-ever book as Mia Fury, and I wasn’t completely sure if it would have more than one follow-up book. Each time I think I’m writing the last book, another character pops up, and I feel obliged to give them a story too. What keeps me coming back is not only a fondness for the series but also the comforting familiarity I feel for the Bennetts and each of their people and their journey so far.

In your journey as an author, have there been any particularly memorable interactions with readers or moments that have touched you? We’d love to hear about a heartwarming or impactful experience you’ve had through your writing.

So many moments have been memorable or touching, and honestly, every time a reader reaches out, it always makes me smile. A favorite moment was probably one of my beta team telling me that they’d had sex four times while reading one of my books. If my books are having that impact on a person’s sex life, then I have to keep writing. You know, for the sake of orgasms. What a place to end an answer haha.

Thank you for joining me in this fascinating interview with Mia Fury. To stay connected with Mia and explore more of her literary world, be sure to check out her Website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and TikTok. Keep an eye out for her upcoming work, and remember Mia’s valuable advice for indie authors: don’t be afraid to break the rules, be unconventional, and create your own path.

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