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Interview with Nadine Abrahams author of The Primal Heartbeat

In my Author Spotlight series, I shine a light on the talented authors in the indie romance community. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nadine Abrahams, the creative mind behind the captivating book, The Primal Heartbeat. Nadine Abrahams has been an avid reader and writer since early childhood. From publishing poems to creating her first novel at thirteen, Nadine’s passion for storytelling has only grown. She writes books that reflect on both the dark and good sides of humanity, showcasing characters who find strength in their flaws.

The Primal Heartbeat is the first book in the Stars Fallen Series. Born into a world where humanity has been corrupted by evil, Ake’s destiny is to defeat a dark goddess. With aid from her soulmate, Ake bravely battles the forces attempting to tear them apart. This epic fantasy romance follows a strong heroine on a perilous journey filled with danger, self-enlightenment, and love.

Can you share with us your journey from being an avid reader and writer to publishing your first novel, “The Primal Heartbeat,” at the young age of thirteen? How did your early experiences shape your writing style and passion for storytelling?

I was an avid reader from a very young age, but it wasn’t until high school that I discovered a passion for writing. I was often bullied, so I retreated into the world of books. My best friend Amy and I devoured books from the school library and discussed them at length. She has been a huge source of encouragement, and I thank her for encouraging me to write again. The character Ake came into my dream one night, and I began to write and rewrite. I finished a first draft in my late teens and published it in 2004. Since then, I rewrote the book with the help of my amazing editor, Jenn from RedInk Creative, and now books two and three are written and will be out in the coming months. I also want to thank my family, especially my husband, My Lan, for their support.

“The Primal Heartbeat” introduces readers to a world of magic and romance set in 306 CE. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind creating this unique historical fantasy setting? How did you blend elements of romance and fantasy to weave your narrative?

I have always loved fantasy, including the works of Tolkien and Kate Forsyth’s series The Witches of Eileanan. The romanticism of the medieval period and stories based on Celtic legends, such as Arthurian sagas, intrigued me. My characters flow through me, often arguing and changing their stories as if telling me their journey. What started as Ake’s journey came to involve her lover, and their romance blossomed. It was easy to entwine romance and fantasy.

Telewanake (Ake), the protagonist of your book, is destined to bring about the downfall of the evil goddess Drianna. What inspired you to create such a powerful and determined character? How did you develop her personality and strengths?

After going through some traumatic events myself, Ake became a representation of my own struggle and sense of self. She could conquer things more confidently and ardently than I could. As I wrote, I asked myself how I might respond in that same situation, which became the basis for developing her traits further.

The themes of endurance, love, and forgiveness resonate strongly in “The Primal Heartbeat.” How do these themes reflect your own beliefs and experiences, and how do they enrich the narrative of your story?

Despite trauma, I have found that love and forgiveness are key to peace. Unlike glorified love stories, it takes hard work, dedication, and self-reflection. It is a harder road than walking away but brings more peace in the end.

In a world dominated by men and plagued by disease and murder, Ake’s journey is one of resilience and self-discovery. How did you approach the challenges and obstacles she faces, and what message do you hope readers will take away from her story?

I have been inspired by countless strong women around me and in my own discovery of self. I have learned that most people are stronger than they realize. I hope readers take away from Ake’s story that they are warriors, stronger than they realize, and all conflict soon passes. There are those who want the best for you—find your people, just as Ake does.

The bond between Ake and her soulmate is a central aspect of the book. Could you share with us how you developed their relationship? What aspects of their dynamic make their love story compelling for readers?

Their story isn’t one of instant love. It grows over decades and is often fraught with miscommunication, flawed opinions, cultural differences, and the male-dominated morality of the times. Through it all, they respect each other and realize their strengths counter the other’s weaknesses. They grow as a couple with time and patience. Their traumas often affect their relationship, and they have to work hard to maintain it. Love is not easy; it is hard and exhausting yet rewarding.

Your writing not only explores the good and dark sides of humanity but also showcases characters who find strength in their flaws. How do you strike a balance between portraying vulnerability and creating characters who inspire readers?

Life is flawed, vulnerable, yet beautiful. A person willing to show their vulnerabilities develops a sense of trust and displays humility, drawing like-minded people towards them. Someone who is strong despite their vulnerability inspires others.

“The Primal Heartbeat” is the first book in the Stars Fallen Series. Can you give us a sneak peek into what readers can expect from the upcoming books in the series? Any hints about the direction the story will take?

We see the couple move from innocent teenagers, the equivalent of nineteen-year-olds, to a couple in their early twenties. What started as innocent in the romance department heats up in book two as they grow as a couple. Her lover is not who he thought he was, leading to conflict. He fights to defend her honor, defying civilization to protect her. Ake discovers those she thought she could trust manipulated her and her lover.

Your dedication to providing representation for a special needs child through your children’s books is admirable. How did this experience shape your approach to writing and storytelling? What advice do you have for authors who want to create inclusive and relatable characters?

I noticed my teen with an intellectual disability often had to settle for younger themes as they struggled with the style of writing in older reading levels. I decided to make the writing simpler while maintaining rich detail with less wordy paragraphs, keeping themes suitable for the age of the person. When writing inclusive and relatable characters, gain perspective from many people, no matter their ability or lifestyle. This helps develop believable characters without stereotypes.

As an author who’s passionate about gaming, role-playing, archery, and nature, how do these interests influence your creative process? Do you find that they bring unique perspectives to your writing and character development?

Being out in nature helps me write scenes that play out in an outdoor situation. Feeling the breeze on one’s face, the sun’s warmth, and watching the leaves fall gives me an understanding of how a character may experience the same thing. Being into RPGs for over twenty years gives me insight into building and creating characters with unique personalities and backstories. I have always loved archery, and feeling that bow string taut in my hands inspired the opening of chapter one.

Thank you for joining me in this fascinating interview with Nadine Abrahams. To stay connected with Nadine and explore more of her literary world, be sure to check out her Website and follow her on Instagram. Keep an eye out for her upcoming work, and remember Nadine’s valuable advice for indie authors: even powerful characters are inherently flawed, and those weaknesses can become strengths if we remain true to ourselves. If you’re an indie romance author looking to shine in my Author Spotlight series, don’t forget to get in touch. I can’t wait to celebrate your books!