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At Literary Inspired, I like to harness the collective power of ARC and Street Teams to supercharge the launch strategies of indie authors. These groups play a pivotal role in amplifying a book’s initial impact, and I am always on the lookout for enthusiastic readers and fans eager to support and promote upcoming releases. Stay connected for fresh opportunities to join these dynamic teams by regularly visiting this page or subscribing to my newsletter for the latest updates.

The Power of Community in Book Launching

ARC Teams and Street Teams are cornerstone assets in the indie publishing world, driving both anticipation and engagement for new book releases. Let’s explore their roles, benefits, and how they contribute to an author’s success.

Understanding ARC Teams

ARC Teams involve passionate readers receiving advance copies of books to review on platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, and personal blogs. This early feedback loop creates pre-release buzz, enhances the book’s online visibility, and aids potential readers in discovering new titles that match their interests.

The Impact of Street Teams

Street Teams mobilize dedicated fans to spread the word through their networks, especially on social media. This grassroots promotion extends the book’s reach beyond the author’s direct audience, providing authentic endorsements that captivate potential readers.

Why Authors Value These Teams

  • Enhanced Visibility and Reach: The concerted efforts of ARC and Street Teams significantly boost a book’s market presence.
  • Authentic Feedback and Engagement: Early reviews and promotions help fine-tune marketing strategies and build anticipation.
  • Fostering a Loyal Community: These teams cultivate a dedicated fanbase, vital for sustained author success.
  • Cost-Effective Promotion: Leveraging these teams is a financially savvy approach to book marketing, offering personalized and impactful advertising.

Seamless Team Management with Literary Inspired

Managing these teams demands a blend of strategic planning and genuine engagement. Literary Inspired excels in:

  • Curating Committed Team Members: Selecting individuals who are both passionate and aligned with the book’s genre.
  • Efficient Book Distribution: Streamlining the process of sharing advance copies with ARC Team members.
  • Empowering Effective Promotion: Equipping Street Teams with promotional materials and guidance for maximizing impact.
  • Sustaining Team Momentum: Keeping the teams motivated with clear communication and acknowledgment of their efforts.

Get Involved

Whether you’re an avid reader eager to explore new titles or a social media aficionado who loves sharing book recommendations, our ARC and Street Teams offer a fulfilling way to support the authors you admire.

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ARC and Street Teams: Beyond just aiding authors, these groups offer a unique vantage point into the literary world, allowing members to directly influence the success of the books they champion. At Literary Inspired, I am dedicated to fostering these connections, enriching the launch experience for authors and readers alike. Join me in this collaborative adventure, and let’s elevate indie publishing together.

Val Tobin

Val Tobin is a Canadian author known for her work in speculative and romance fiction. With a background in computer programming and technical writing, and a master’s degree in parapsychology, Val began pursuing a career as a full-time writer in 2010. She has written over a dozen novels, including “The Experiencers” and “The Hunted”. Her writing is characterized by a mix of science fiction and horror themes, as well as a focus on psychological and supernatural elements. Her ability to craft suspenseful and character-driven stories has drawn comparisons to authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Outside of her writing, Val is an active member of the Canadian writing community. She has volunteered for the Writers’ Community of York Region and has participated in various events. Val Tobin continues to captivate readers with her imaginative storytelling and unique perspective.

Upcoming Release: 28 June 2024

Prepare for a thrilling journey with “The Empress: A Promise of Rain.” Dhampir Dakota Lawson risks everything when her past resurfaces, threatening her perfect life. Meanwhile, Kelsey Davis and Philip Belanger face a crisis that could trigger an international incident. Set in a magical Toronto, this urban fantasy romance spans two worlds, following characters on a journey of love, danger, and destiny. Can Dakota and Kelsey navigate their respective challenges without losing everything they hold dear?

Length: 326 pages

Trigger Warning: Contains themes of trafficking and kidnapping with mild to medium spice content.

While “The Empress: A Promise of Rain” can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, reading the previous books in the series can enrich your experience. Val Tobin skillfully weaves past events as backstory, ensuring that new readers are never lost. However, if you’re interested in starting from the beginning, you can request review copies of Books 1-3 by indicating when filling in your sign-up form. 

Becca Lamb

Becca Lamb is a Canadian author known for her passion for storytelling and creating well-rounded, interesting characters. She’s a sucker for a good love story, especially those with a dark romance twist. Becca’s books often explore themes of trauma, healing, and the intense bonds formed in the darkest of circumstances.

Available to Review:  Say When – A Spicy, Age Gap, Dark Romance (KOA Book 1)

Prepare for an intense journey with “Say When,” the first book in Becca Lamb’s Kinksters of Alton series. This dark romance features Macy Nolan, a 20-year-old who narrowly escaped death at the hands of her stepbrother. With nowhere to turn, she finds refuge in the unlikeliest place—Gareth Powell’s home. Gareth, a middle-aged man with a buried past and a BDSM lifestyle, becomes Macy’s protector. As their chemistry ignites, Macy’s traumatic secrets threaten to surface, putting both their lives in jeopardy.

Length: 389 pages

Trigger Warning: This narrative tackles mature themes head-on, including age gap romance, BDSM, guns, mentions of child abuse, murder, sexual assault, suicide, and violence. It features sexually explicit content, appealing to readers who appreciate a thoughtful, multi-layered approach to dark romance.

“The Kinksters of Alton Series” promises a gripping dark romance entwined with intense emotions and high-stakes drama. Intended for mature readers, this series is a journey through trauma, healing, and forbidden love.

Mandy Sawchuk

Mandy Sawchuk is a dedicated mother of three daughters living in Alberta, Canada. Known for her love of Tim Hortons London Fogs and spontaneous drives, Mandy found her passion for writing rekindled by a book recommendation from her daughter. With the support of her family, she crafts contemporary romance stories filled with wit, warmth, and delightful twists that keep readers engaged.

Upcoming Release: 6 June 2024

Prepare for an enthralling journey with “Bound To The Protector,” Mandy Sawchuk’s latest contemporary romance. This story features Andrew Miller, a captivating tycoon, and a woman navigating complex family secrets and past traumas. As their no-strings-attached arrangement becomes increasingly complicated, unexpected emotions simmer, threatening to unravel their lives.

Length: 300 pages

Trigger Warning: Some topics touched on in this novel include estranged relationship with a parent who passes away because of illness, struggles with a possible eating disorder and alcohol abuse, and parental infidelity. If you feel these themes may be triggering to you, please take care while reading..

Rebecca Ruger

Historical Highlander Romance

Rebecca Ruger’s journey into romance began with Barbara Cartland, and her passion for the genre has only grown since. Influenced by classics such as “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier and “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” Rebecca has developed a deep love for storytelling that captures the heart. Her works are infused with the rich tapestry of history and complex emotional landscapes, much like her all-time favorites, including “Ride the Wind” and anything by Anita Shreve. With a background that includes writing her first book at 18 and raising four wonderful children (and one four-legged baby, Brody), Rebecca brings a wealth of life experience to her novels..

Upcoming Release: 29 June 2024

Prepare for an epic journey through the Scottish Highlands with “The Avenger of Castle Wick.” When a Highlands’ castle is besieged by armies loyal to the English crown, Austin Merrick, a skilled lieutenant, and Fiona Rose, a fierce warrior, find themselves unlikely allies. Their initial conflict on the battlefield evolves into a journey of survival and forbidden desire as they navigate the harsh terrain together. Fiona’s warrior spirit and Austin’s loyalty to his kin are tested as they grapple with their growing feelings for each other. Will they sacrifice their love for clan loyalty, or will they defy the odds to forge a new future?

A.A. Gordon

A.A. Gordon, a distinguished name in paranormal romance, brings her unique storytelling to life with vivid narratives and rich characters. Hailing from the serene landscapes of Ontario, her academic background in history and English from Ryerson University enriches her stories with depth and authenticity.

Upcoming Release: 31 July 2024

The saga of Ornella continues as she braves the perilous politics of the Autumn Court and the Wild Hunt. With an evil encroaching upon the fey lands, alliances and courage are tested. This upcoming tale promises to deepen the enthralling narrative of love, loyalty, and the fight for survival.

Book 1 of the Heart of the Tithriall Series is available FREE on Kindle Unlimited. For those without Kindle Unlimited and have not yet read Book 1, please request a review copy via the form to prepare for the ARC of Book 2.

Brooke Reign

Spicy Billionaire Romance

Brooke Reign delves into the luxurious and complicated world of the wealthy with her spicy, angsty billionaire romances. Her narratives, rich with forbidden love and complex relationships, draw readers into the opulent lives of characters who navigate the treacherous waters of power, passion, and heartache. “Playing To Lose,” the first installment of The Lucky Rivals series, marks Brooke’s exploration of love’s intricate dynamics and the high stakes of heartbreak.

Upcoming Release: Late April/Early May 2024

“Playing To Lose” entangles readers in the life of Dori Fisher, caught between the affections of her billionaire boss and her brother’s best friend. Set against the backdrop of a critical business campaign, this love triangle tests Dori’s convictions about family, career, and love. As she grapples with her escalating feelings, Dori stands at a crossroads, where choosing one path could mean losing everything she holds dear. Brooke Reign masterfully weaves a tale of forbidden desires, tantalizing proximity, and the sheer complexity of falling in love when the stakes are sky-high.

Length: 360 pages

Trigger Warning: This narrative tackles mature themes head-on, including sexually explicit content, language, miscarriage, domestic violence, and parental death, all culminating in a gripping cliffhanger that leaves readers yearning for more.

Sara Sines

Why Choose Paranormal Spicy Romance Series [Rapid Release]

Sara Sines, writing under a pen name shrouded in intrigue, crafts captivating urban fantasy romances. Her debut in “The Realm of Midnight Anthology” has set the stage for a rapid-release series that promises to enthrall. Join her journey into the unknown with her first Reverse Harem, Urban-Fantasy Romance series.

Upcoming Release: 15 May 2024

Immerse yourself in the shadowy world of “Finding the Last Dhampir,” where the line between the ordinary and the supernatural blurs. The protagonist’s life is a well-organized fortress—meticulous and undisturbed—until she crosses paths with Nathan Kaerne. 

With him, she’s thrust into a reality fraught with creatures of the night: vampires, werewolves, demons, and the elusive fae. Her life, once a paragon of control, now spirals into chaos, revealing the true nature of her being. As she grapples with the monster within, Nathan and his enigmatic team become her unlikely allies. Together, they embark on a quest not just for survival, but for mastery over the darkness that resides within her. 

“The Last Dhampir Series” promises a tantalizing slow-burn romance entwined with the thrill of the paranormal. Intended for mature readers, this reverse harem tale is a journey of self-discovery, control, and the complex dance with beings from the realms beyond.

Samantha Shaye

YA Fantasy

New York-based Samantha Shaye crafts enchanting YA worlds inspired by the the vibrant world around her. When she’s not conjuring up fantastical new worlds, she treasures time with her family and her cockapoo, Rusty. With a heart as expansive as her imagination, Samantha aspires to craft young adult stories that are not just enthralling for her nieces and nephews, but for entire families.

Available to Review: The Fall of Ahilon

Upcoming Release: TBA (Zaure’s Reign Book 2 )

Embark on an epic journey with “The Fall of Ahilon,” the first installment of the Zaure’s Reign series, where high fantasy meets the unyielding spirit of a chosen one. Princess Zaure Rhistel, the last hope for the Elvish kingdom of Ahilon, must navigate a world marred by war, betrayal, and dark magic. With her kingdom in ruins and her life upended, Zaure, under the guise of her handmaiden’s name, allies with Torin, a dedicated spellcaster, Cagdas, a fierce warrior, and Alrik, a world-weary bard. Together, they form an unlikely band on a quest to reclaim Zaure’s birthright with magic, blood, and steel.

As Zaure edges closer to the truth and the power that could save her people, the cost of victory looms large. She faces a harrowing path, one that may demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Already released and eagerly awaiting readers to uncover its secrets before the release of book 2, “The Fall of Ahilon” promises magic, courage, and a fight for legacy that will leave readers spellbound.

Yvette Bostic

Fantasy Romance

Yvette Bostic, an avid reader turned author, offers a fascinating blend of fantasy and romance. From historical adventures against demon overlords to contemporary urban fantasies with vampires, her stories are a unique escape from reality. Keep an eye out for her upcoming series that promise even more enthralling escapades.

Upcoming Release: TBD

Rachel Ellyn

Spicy Alien Romance & Cozy Mystery

Rachel Ellyn, a multifaceted author with a flair for humor and storytelling, has a knack for crafting narratives that resonate with readers. Starting her journey with children’s fiction and flash fiction, she soon found her passion in writing spicy romance, romantic comedies, and cozy mysteries.

Upcoming Release: Alien Witness Protection #4

Sedona Jade x Amy Stake

Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Sedona Jade, better known as Sedona Ashe, is a captivating author in the cozy paranormal mystery genre, weaving tales that blend everyday charm with the supernatural. Her debut novel, “Feathers and Fatalities,” is set to enchant readers with its unique blend of mystery and magic. Sedona’s stories are known for their inviting warmth, quirky humor & sarcasm, and a touch of whimsy, drawing readers into enchanting small towns where every nook and cranny hides a clue. With a background rich in paranormal fantasy and a love for all things whimsy, Sedona Jade crafts narratives that offer both comfort and intrigue, captivating readers with their mystery.

Upcoming Release: 21 May 2024

Dive into the whimsical world of “Feathers and Fatalities” where the ordinary meets the magical in the most charming way. The protagonist is a skilled veterinarian with a knack for handling unusual creatures—her life is a blend of routine veterinary care and the occasional mystical surprise, until she discovers a perplexing mystery in her quaint town.

This cozy paranormal promises a delightful blend of humor, magic, and intrigue. Set in a picturesque town where the supernatural is a natural part of life, this series offers readers a heartwarming journey filled with quirky characters, enchanting mysteries, and the comforting charm of small-town life.

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