As part of my comprehensive service package at Literary Inspired, I manage the ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and Street Teams for various authors, playing a crucial role in their book launch strategies. This page is regularly updated with new opportunities for readers and fans to get involved. Whether it’s getting early access to books or actively promoting releases, your contribution is invaluable. Please check back frequently for more opportunities, or sign up to my newsletter to stay informed about the latest openings.

Understanding ARC and Street Teams: A Vital Asset for Authors

In the dynamic world of book publishing, ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and Street Teams have emerged as powerful tools for authors, especially in the indie publishing sector. Let’s delve into what these teams are, their significance, and how they can dramatically enhance an author’s book launch and overall success.

What is an ARC Team?

An ARC Team consists of a group of readers who receive advance copies of a book before its official release. The primary role of ARC readers is to provide honest reviews of the book on various platforms, including Amazon, Goodreads, and personal blogs. This early buzz and feedback are crucial for several reasons:

  1. Generates Pre-Release Excitement: Reviews from ARC readers create anticipation and generate interest among the broader reading community.
  2. Builds Credibility and Visibility: Having several reviews available as soon as a book is released boosts the book’s credibility and visibility in online marketplaces.
  3. Informs Potential Readers: Reviews help potential readers make informed decisions about whether the book aligns with their interests.

What is a Street Team?

A Street Team is a group of dedicated fans and readers who actively promote a book in their circles and online communities. They often use social media, word-of-mouth, and personal networks to spread the word about new releases. The activities of a Street Team can include sharing promotional materials, participating in book launch events, or creating buzz on social media. Their support is instrumental in:

  1. Expanding Reach: They help in reaching a wider audience that might be beyond the author’s immediate network.
  2. Creating Organic Promotion: As genuine fans, their recommendations are seen as trustworthy and authentic.
  3. Supporting Long-Term Engagement: Street Teams often stay engaged beyond the book launch, creating a sustained promotional effort.

Benefits of ARC and Street Teams for Authors

  1. Increased Visibility: Both ARC and Street Teams play a vital role in increasing the visibility of a new release. Their collective efforts can significantly impact the book’s reach and recognition.
  2. Feedback Loop: For authors, feedback from ARC readers can be invaluable. It provides an opportunity to gauge initial reactions and, if needed, make last-minute tweaks.
  3. Building a Fanbase: These teams help in building and nurturing a loyal fanbase, which is crucial for any author’s long-term success.
  4. Cost-Effective Marketing: Compared to traditional marketing tactics, these teams offer a more personal and cost-effective approach to book promotion.

Managing ARC and Street Teams

Managing these teams requires coordination, communication, and dedication. This is where my services at Literary Inspired come into play. I specialize in:

  1. Recruiting the Right Team Members: Ensuring that the members are genuinely interested and motivated.
  2. Coordinating Book Distribution: For ARC Teams, managing the distribution of advance copies.
  3. Guiding Promotional Activities: Providing the Street Teams with the necessary tools and information for effective promotion.
  4. Maintaining Engagement: Keeping the teams engaged and motivated throughout the promotional period.

Joining the Teams

Interested in becoming a part of this exciting process? Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. ARC Team: If you love reading and are willing to provide honest reviews, the ARC Team might be perfect for you.
  2. Street Team: If you’re active on social media and enjoy promoting books, consider joining a Street Team.

Staying Updated

New opportunities for joining ARC and Street Teams are regularly updated on this page. For those keen on being part of this journey, I recommend checking this page frequently or subscribing to my newsletter for the latest updates.

In conclusion, ARC and Street Teams are not just beneficial for authors; they offer a unique experience for readers too. They provide an opportunity to be at the forefront of new literary adventures, directly contributing to the success of the books they love. At Literary Inspired, I’m committed to bridging the gap between authors and readers through these teams, enhancing the book launch experience for all involved.

Artemis Glass

Empowering Queer Adult Romance

Artemis Glass writes sensually empowering queer adult romances that advocate for joy, consent, and self-determination. Her stories, like her debut exploring polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, invite readers into a world of powerful personal journeys. Embrace the liberating narratives that Glass offers, celebrating love in its many forms.

Current Release:

“The Paradox of Love and Death” invites readers into the poignant life of Noemi Moretti, a woman whose unique coping mechanism for her profound loss is funeral crashing. It’s there she meets the enigmatic UCLA student Amara Forsythe, also grappling with grief. Drawn together by sorrow and a twist of fate, their lives intertwine at subsequent funerals. As Noemi falls deeper into a romance she hadn’t anticipated, she’s ensnared by the web of lies spun from her concealed grief. For fans of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo,” this novel is a rich exploration of the human heart, the transformative power of connection, and the courage it takes to confront the paradoxes within.

Christine Miles

Christine Miles weaves young adult and adult contemporary romances filled with sass and intelligence. With her educational background in English and Creative Writing, she brings to life independent heroines and charming heroes. Her “Smart is Seriously Sexy Series” is a delightful blend of brains, wit, and heartfelt romance.

Upcoming Release: 19th March 2024

“Passion Under the Microscope,” the second book in the Smart is Seriously Sexy Series, introduces us to Tanith Kerrigan, a biology teacher determined to celebrate her singlehood and steer clear of any romantic entanglements. Her resolve is put to the test when the charismatic Dr. Luke Caldwell steps into her life, offering more than just medical advice for her sprained ankle. Tanith must navigate her conflicting desires, weighing her vow against the undeniable allure of Dr. Temptation.

Meanwhile, Luke has been harboring feelings for the captivating teacher while contemplating a change from the big city bustle. When a chance to get closer to Tanith presents itself, he’s eager to prove his worth beyond the doctor’s coat. However, just as their defenses start to crumble, Luke’s practice encounters a crisis that threatens to derail his professional aspirations.

For fans of Ali Hazelwood, “Passion Under the Microscope” promises a blend of intellect, humor, and chemistry, challenging two hearts to decide if they’re brave enough to explore the love budding between them.

Irene Te

Cozy Contemporary 

Irene Te pens cozy contemporaries brimming with humor and a dash of romance. Residing just outside Houston with her family, Irene’s love for literature is expansive with her personal library threatening to overtake her living space. With influences like Diana Wynne Jones and Leigh Bardugo, her stories offer a sanctuary of comfort and joy. She assures me there that she is not harboring any runaway K-pop idols in her home (but I remain doubtful.)

Upcoming Release: 30th April 2024

“This Place is Magic” is a heartwarming tale of Eunjae, a jaded K-pop star from the famed group Apollo, who discovers love and the courage to seek his happiness away from the limelight. His unexpected detour at Wanna Waffle and missed flight to Seoul lead him to an ordinary life filled with extraordinary warmth and the possibility of love. Irene Te’s debut novel is a delightful dance between fame and family, control and freedom, blending humor and affection with the tough choices of self-discovery. Perfect for fans of Axie Oh and Jenny Han, it’s a story that offers a cozy retreat into the power of found families and the magic of finding oneself.

Nikki Jewell

Steamy College Hockey Romance 

Nikki Jewell, an Ontario-based author, brews up steamy college hockey romances filled with passion and humor. Her well-guarded secret identity as a romance writer, even from her twins, adds a touch of mystery to her life. Dive into her captivating “Lakeview Lightning College Hockey Romance” series for a heart-racing escape.

Upcoming Release: 18th July

The Game: A Fake Dating College Hockey Romance

Carly Greer

Sweet Romance (little to no spice)

Carly Greer’s sweet romance stories are a testament to her lifelong passion for the genre. Her narratives transport readers into worlds filled with love, intrigue, and the magic of everyday life. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings in the American Northeast, Carly’s stories are as heartwarming as they are enchanting.

Upcoming Release: TBA

Dive back into the past with “Mr. Right Back Where We Started,” a tale of second chances and unresolved yearnings set against the quaint backdrop of Plume Island. After a fifteen-year absence, Theo returns home to tie up loose ends, only to find his old flame, Caroline Wright, the Hollywood darling nursing a fresh heartbreak, back on the island. As the two reconnect, they must navigate the complicated tapestry of their shared history. Caroline, torn between her tumultuous relationship with fame and her lingering feelings for Theo, faces the ghosts of a summer love that never truly faded. With every encounter stirring a whirlwind of emotion and the relentless paparazzi on their trail, can they find closure or a new beginning in the place where it all began?

Samantha Shaye

YA Fantasy

New York-based Samantha Shaye crafts enchanting YA worlds inspired by the the vibrant world around her. When she’s not conjuring up fantastical new worlds, she treasures time with her family and her cockapoo, Rusty. With a heart as expansive as her imagination, Samantha aspires to craft young adult stories that are not just enthralling for her nieces and nephews, but for entire families.

Upcoming Release: TBA (Zaure’s Reign Book 2 )

Embark on an epic journey with “The Fall of Ahilon,” the first installment of the Zaure’s Reign series, where high fantasy meets the unyielding spirit of a chosen one. Princess Zaure Rhistel, the last hope for the Elvish kingdom of Ahilon, must navigate a world marred by war, betrayal, and dark magic. With her kingdom in ruins and her life upended, Zaure, under the guise of her handmaiden’s name, allies with Torin, a dedicated spellcaster, Cagdas, a fierce warrior, and Alrik, a world-weary bard. Together, they form an unlikely band on a quest to reclaim Zaure’s birthright with magic, blood, and steel.

As Zaure edges closer to the truth and the power that could save her people, the cost of victory looms large. She faces a harrowing path, one that may demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Already released and eagerly awaiting readers to uncover its secrets before the release of book 2, “The Fall of Ahilon” promises magic, courage, and a fight for legacy that will leave readers spellbound.

Sara Sines

Spicy Urban Fantasy Romance

Sara Sines, writing under a pen name shrouded in intrigue, crafts captivating urban fantasy romances. Her debut in “The Realm of Midnight Anthology” has set the stage for a rapid-release series that promises to enthrall. Join her journey into the unknown with her first Reverse Harem, Urban-Fantasy Romance series.

Upcoming Release: TBA

Immerse yourself in the shadowy world of “Finding the Last Dhampir,” where the line between the ordinary and the supernatural blurs. The protagonist’s life is a well-organized fortress—meticulous and undisturbed—until she crosses paths with Nathan Kaerne. 

With him, she’s thrust into a reality fraught with creatures of the night: vampires, werewolves, demons, and the elusive fae. Her life, once a paragon of control, now spirals into chaos, revealing the true nature of her being. As she grapples with the monster within, Nathan and his enigmatic team become her unlikely allies. Together, they embark on a quest not just for survival, but for mastery over the darkness that resides within her. 

“The Last Dhampir Series” promises a tantalizing slow-burn romance entwined with the thrill of the paranormal. Intended for mature readers, this reverse harem tale is a journey of self-discovery, control, and the complex dance with beings from the realms beyond.

Yvette Bostic

Fantasy Romance

Yvette Bostic, an avid reader turned author, offers a fascinating blend of fantasy and romance. From historical adventures against demon overlords to contemporary urban fantasies with vampires, her stories are a unique escape from reality. Keep an eye out for her upcoming series that promise even more enthralling escapades.

Upcoming Release: TBD

Rachel Ellyn

Spicy Alien Romance & Cozy Mystery

Rachel Ellyn, a multifaceted author with a flair for humor and storytelling, has a knack for crafting narratives that resonate with readers. Starting her journey with children’s fiction and flash fiction, she soon found her passion in writing spicy romance, romantic comedies, and cozy mysteries.