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ARC & Street Team Management

My dedicated ARC and Street Team Management service is designed to heighten anticipation and engagement for your upcoming releases. I handle every detail from setup to send-out, ensuring your book lands in the hands of eager readers ready to spread the word. Let’s build the momentum your story deserves and watch as your novel becomes the talk of the literary world.

Understanding ARC Readers and Street Teams

ARC (Advance Reader Copy) readers and Street Teams are integral to an author’s pre-launch marketing strategy. ARCs are distributed to select readers before the book’s official release, generating early reviews and word-of-mouth publicity. A Street Team, often comprised of your most enthusiastic fans, works to create buzz across social media and reader communities.

The Benefits of ARC and Street Team

The strategic use of ARC readers and Street Teams can lead to a surge in early reviews, which are crucial for boosting a book’s visibility upon release. This early engagement helps in building excitement and can significantly influence the book’s sales trajectory. Having a Street Team also means having a group of loyal advocates who are ready to amplify your promotional efforts, driving awareness and reach.

Why Authors Should Consider ARC and Street Team

Authors, especially those in the indie space, benefit from having an ARC and Street Team by establishing a solid foundation for their book’s entry into the market. It provides authentic engagement, with feedback that can enhance the final touches on a book, and fosters a supportive community around an author’s brand.

  • What exactly is an ARC reader, and how are they different from beta readers? An ARC reader is someone who reads your book before its release to provide a review, helping to build buzz and momentum. They are typically part of your marketing efforts. In contrast, a beta reader is usually involved earlier in the writing process to give feedback on the story itself, aiding in the book’s development.

  • How do you select the right candidates for an ARC team? The ideal candidates for an ARC team are engaged readers who have a track record of reviewing books in your genre. They should be reliable, responsive, and willing to share their honest opinions on platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, or personal blogs.

  • What are the expectations from a Street Team member? A Street Team member is expected to actively promote your book through word-of-mouth, share promotional content, and create a social media buzz. They should be enthusiastic about your work and willing to participate in organized marketing efforts.

  • How can I ensure my ARC and Street Team are motivated and active? Keeping your teams motivated involves regular communication, expressing appreciation for their efforts, and providing exclusive updates or content. It also helps to set clear expectations and offer incentives like exclusive swag, acknowledgments in the book, or access to special author Q&A sessions.

  • What are the legal considerations when distributing ARCs? When distributing ARCs, you should make it clear that they are for review purposes only and not for resale. It’s important to follow the guidelines of book retailers and review sites, ensuring that your ARC readers understand they’re receiving an uncorrected proof.

  • Is there a recommended size for an ARC team? The size of an ARC team can vary, but a smaller, more engaged group is often more effective than a large, less active one. Typically, a team of 20-50 readers is a good number to aim for, ensuring you have a manageable group size that can still make a significant impact in terms of reviews and promotion.


I start by collecting all the necessary details to begin promoting your forthcoming book. This step includes gathering your cover art, determining book length, finalizing the blurb, defining the tropes, outlining any trigger warnings, and compiling your author biography. These elements form the bedrock of a successful promotional campaign.

Create Google Form

I craft a comprehensive Google Form designed to streamline the ARC sign-up process. This form serves as the first point of contact for interested ARC readers, capturing their information in an organized manner to facilitate seamless communication and distribution.

Website Integration

The Google Form is then integrated onto a dedicated sign-up page on your website. This strategic placement ensures that your ARC sign-up is accessible and convenient for your potential readers, helping to maximize participation.

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Newsletter Promotion

Your ARC sign-up is promoted through a bi-monthly newsletter, dispatched to an engaged audience of approximately 900+ active ARC readers. This step is crucial for generating interest and securing a robust list of potential reviewers.

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Create a Social Media Buzz

I take charge of spreading the word about your ARC sign-up across social media platforms and within ARC reader groups. By harnessing the power of platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and Substack, your ARC receives the visibility it deserves.

Create ARC Sendout Toolkit

I develop an ARC Sendout Toolkit that includes pre-written captions, bespoke graphics, and an exclusive ARC Team badge. This toolkit equips your Street Team with everything they need to effectively promote your release and showcase their pride in supporting your work.

Distribute ARC

Two weeks prior to the release, I distribute the ARC through BookFunnel, by using its ARC scheduling tool to send follow-up emails and review reminders, ensuring an organized and professional approach to the ARC process.

Sendout Toolkit

The comprehensive ARC Toolkit is sent out to your ARC readers, providing them with custom graphics, pre-prepared captions, and all the necessary book and author information to ensure they can share and support your release effortlessly.

Social Interaction

I actively engage with social media shares and tags, responding to comments, re-sharing on Instagram stories, and more. This not only boosts visibility but also builds a strong sense of community and reader-author interaction.

Release Day Preparation

Preparation for the release day begins with a tailored toolkit, complete with custom graphics, well-crafted captions, and essential book and author information. This toolkit lays the groundwork for a memorable and successful book launch.

Spotlighting Your Story

To further bolster support for your upcoming release, I feature an in-depth author spotlight interview on my blog and Substack. This interview dives into the heart of your book launch, offering valuable insights to fellow indie authors and drawing new potential readers to your work. It's a platform to share your journey, the inspiration behind your release, and to give readers a taste of what they can anticipate, all while cementing your presence within the indie author community.

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Release Day

On the day of release, I send out the carefully prepared toolkit, thanking the readers for their support and encouraging them to share their thoughts through reviews with the aim of enhancing the book's impact and reach.

Evaluate and Refine

After the ARC distribution and the book release, I evaluate social channels, Amazon, and GoodReads to identify which readers were actively engaged. This assessment helps refine the list of ARC readers for future campaigns, ensuring a group of truly dedicated and responsive team members.

What You Will Need to Get Started

To kick off your ARC and Street Team campaign effectively, it’s crucial to have all necessary materials and information at hand. This preparation will help ensure that your book gets the best possible exposure and engagement from your readers. Please gather the following details to help me manage and distribute your ARC efficiently:

  • Access to BookFunnel

  • Release Date

  • Title of the Book

  • Cover Image

  • Book Blurb

  • Number of Pages

  • List of Tropes

  • Trigger Warnings

  • Spice Level

  • Key Links: GoodReads & Amazon

  • Desired Release Timeline

  • Author’s Bio

  • Author’s Social Media Links

  • Wide or Kindle Unlimited Exclusive

  • Specific Instructions for ARC Readers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into my detailed FAQ section where I clarify your most pressing questions about ARC and Street Team services. From understanding the basics to grasping the nuances of effective reader engagement, I ensure you’re fully equipped to make informed decisions.

ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) and Street Teams are invaluable resources for indie authors looking to generate buzz and garner early reviews for their upcoming releases. Understanding how to effectively manage these tools can significantly enhance your book’s launch success.

What are ARC Readers? ARC readers are individuals who receive advance copies of books to read and review before the book’s official release. The purpose of sending out ARCs is to generate early buzz and gather feedback, which can lead to improvements before the final publication. Moreover, early reviews from ARC readers can boost a book’s visibility and credibility upon release.

What is a Street Team? A Street Team consists of passionate fans and readers who actively promote a book through various channels such as social media, blogs, and word of mouth. The members of the Street Team are typically equipped with promotional materials and insider information to help spread the word effectively.

Benefits of Having an ARC and Street Team

  1. Enhanced Visibility: ARC readers and Street Teams can significantly amplify your book’s presence across multiple platforms, attracting attention from a wider audience.
  2. Early Feedback: Receiving feedback from ARC readers can provide critical insights into your book’s reception, allowing for tweaks and enhancements that improve the final product.
  3. Boosted Pre-Order Sales: The promotion done by Street Teams can lead to increased pre-order sales, setting a strong foundation for your book’s release.
  4. Community Engagement: Both ARC readers and Street Teams help foster a community around your work, creating a loyal fanbase that can support current and future publications.

Why Authors Should Consider ARC and Street Teams Incorporating ARC readers and Street Teams into your marketing strategy can dramatically increase the overall impact of your book launch. These elements not only serve to promote your book but also build a lasting relationship with your readers, encouraging them to become advocates for your brand.

What is an ARC?

An ARC, or Advance Review Copy, is a pre-release version of your book distributed to readers before the official launch. The primary goal of an ARC is to gather reviews and generate buzz, making it a crucial tool in a book’s promotional arsenal.

What is a Street Team?

A Street Team comprises dedicated fans and readers who promote your book through word-of-mouth, social media sharing, and other grassroots marketing efforts. They are instrumental in building anticipation and broadening your reach.

Why Should Authors Use ARC and Street Teams?

Utilizing ARCs and Street Teams can dramatically increase your book’s exposure and reviews, providing a robust platform for launch. These strategies tap into enthusiastic readers who are eager to support and promote your work, creating a ripple effect of visibility and sales potential.

How Do You Select ARC Readers and Street Team Members?

Selection is based on factors such as readers’ history of leaving reviews, their enthusiasm for the genre, and their activity on social media platforms. Ensuring a good fit between the book’s content and the readers’ preferences is key to fostering genuine and enthusiastic promotion.

What Information is Required to Set Up an ARC?

To effectively set up an ARC campaign, you’ll need details like the book’s cover art, blurb, release date, content warnings, and any specific promotional points you wish to highlight. This information helps tailor the campaign to target the right audience and maximize impact.

How Do You Manage ARC Distribution?

ARCs are typically distributed digitally through platforms like BookFunnel, which also allows for tracking and follow-ups with readers regarding their reviews and feedback. This ensures a streamlined process and helps in maintaining engagement with your ARC team.

What are the Benefits of Having a Street Team?

A Street Team amplifies your promotional efforts exponentially. Their genuine enthusiasm for your work translates into more organic engagement, wider reach, and ultimately, more sales. They can also provide valuable feedback and serve as a sounding board for your marketing ideas.

How Can I Support My ARC and Street Team?

Supporting your teams can include providing them with promotional materials, exclusive updates, and direct communication channels. Recognition and incentives for their efforts can also increase their motivation and effectiveness.

Are There Best Practices for Working with ARC Readers and Street Teams?

Effective management includes clear communication of expectations, regular updates, and providing all necessary materials for promotion. It’s also crucial to show appreciation for their efforts, which fosters long-term commitment.

Can I Use the Same Readers for Multiple Book Launches?

While it’s beneficial to build long-term relationships with reliable readers, it’s equally important to refresh your ARC team with new members to broaden your reach. Assessing reader engagement post-campaign is crucial for optimizing future ARC teams.