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Interview with Heather Lynn author of Sky Watcher

Welcome to another exciting edition of Author Spotlight, where I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to some of the brightest stars in the indie romance galaxy. Today, we’re diving into the world of an exceptionally talented author, Heather Lynn, who hails from the scenic north of Toronto, Ontario.

Heather’s background in biology and health sciences has nurtured her fascination with herbal healing and the mysteries of the human body. But it’s in the world of words where she truly shines. In this Author Spotlight, Heather will take us on an enchanting journey through her series, Sky Watcher: A Shadow in Time. This series beautifully blends romance, time travel, and Wiccan beliefs, creating a captivating tapestry of storytelling.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Heather Lynn and “Sky Watcher.”

Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration behind the Sky Watcher series? What led you to combine elements of romance, time travel, and Wiccan beliefs in your storytelling?

I have always been a fan of time travel stories, from Doctor Who, which I watched with my dad when I was little, and my kids after that, and Back to the Future, to Time Traveller’s Wife, and Outlander. The idea of time travel comes with so many possibilities … Romance plays a part (small or large) in almost every book I enjoy. I also wanted to see a modern woman fall in love in a time when things were looked at differently, more concealed, and less public. When I saw the beginning of Charlotte’s story, I saw the whole thing, all I had to do was find a way to get her to the past that I hadn’t already read or watched. I landed on her be Wiccan, travelling with her beliefs and her stones.

Charlotte Harper, the protagonist of the Sky Watcher series, embarks on a journey to save her ancestor from a tragic fate. How did you develop her character and what challenges did you face in portraying her transformation throughout the series?

To be honest, as a first-time writer, I didn’t think about her character in those terms—I just wrote her. She had to be brave (braver than me), knowledgeable, firm in her beliefs, determined to accomplish her goal and accept that this might not work.

The series explores the themes of love, destiny, and the consequences of meddling with time. How do these themes intertwine in the story, and what messages or insights do you hope readers will take away from the series?

Love and destiny, as a theme, develop over the span of the series: kindred spirits, soul mates, and fate form a thin thread woven through the story. “Meddling with time” is an idea that I will always embrace because it makes you think. “If that happened because she went back in time, then what if?…”

Some of the events in the story take a minute to think through: I would like to think a reader would enjoy the journey as much as I do.

Researching family history plays a significant role in Charlotte’s journey. Did you draw from any personal experiences or research methods while incorporating this aspect into the plot? How important is it for writers to explore their own roots when crafting stories?

My mother has been working on her family tree for many years. When she started, the only resources she had were birth/death certificates, cemetery plots, ship/plane manifests, and photos—by mail no less!! Now that the world has easier access to everything, she’s been able to acquire more info but still gets stuck in the places where records weren’t strictly kept. This is where we are in the story.

The setting of the series, a small town on the shore of Owasco Lake, New York, adds a charming and nostalgic backdrop to the story. How did you approach creating this setting and capturing the essence of a bygone era?

The use of stones and their power is a prominent element in the series. How did you come to incorporate this aspect, and what significance do the stones hold for the characters and their development?

While I (and therefore Charlotte) was learning about Wicca, I (she) came across some people’s belief in the “power within stones.” Charlotte believes that stones, being of the Earth, possess certain powers—not magic, but rather energy, and can be carried or worn for things like luck, courage, safety, dreams, etc… With this in mind, she carries/wears stones often, depending on what her day has in store or what strengths she will require. This is a practice that Charlotte maintains throughout her life. Of course, she shares the information with some and may lend one or two on occasion.

Each book in the series takes Charlotte on a new adventure through time. Can you give us a glimpse into the challenges she faces in Sky Watcher: Déjà-Vu and Sky Watcher: Between The Shadows? How does her journey evolve in these subsequent books?

Oo-oo, let me think while I try to avoid spoilers…Books two three, and four (coming soon) incorporate the consequences of changed events. For instance, what happens to right now, if you just changed something 200 years ago? Huh? It’s something I’ve enjoyed working out! As we move through the series, we move through Charlotte’s life: love, friends and family near and far, and always looming deceit, murder, and death.  At the same time, we follow her intermittent “connection” to her best friend Jessica, who she left in the 21st century.

Time travel narratives can be complex to navigate as an author. How did you approach managing the intricacies of time travel and maintaining a cohesive storyline across the series? Were there any particular challenges you faced in this regard?

Fun! I love this question!! You’re right, there are intricacies in navigating all things time travel. As an author, I can only apply my view of what would happen if one travelled in time, others would certainly take a different approach. However, since time travel doesn’t exist to date, my way works for me, plus, this is fiction so … As I said earlier when this story came to me, I saw the whole thing, ie. when someone would travel, who would travel, and why, over the span of the story. Working it out? Well, that’s a different thing. Charlotte’s belief system has her “travelling” on the night of a new moon and arriving during a full moon. I wanted to be accurate, so the dates and times of the moon’s phases throughout, are accurate. This took time … Then there was the question of how things in the present would change based on past events. Some nights I would lie in bed thinking about this and it would all make sense—for a minute—then my mind went “WHAT?!!!”, my eyes would open and I’d start from scratch. I’m pretty sure I’ve got it sorted out now.

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