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Interview with Mia Kun author of Double or Nothing

Welcome to another exciting installment of Author Spotlight, where I dive deep into the world of indie romance authors. This series aims to illuminate the incredible talent within the indie romance community, giving these authors a platform to connect with readers, share their writing journeys, and shine brightly in the literary universe.

Today, I am delighted to introduce you to a truly exceptional author who has carved her path in the world of Young Adult and Romance fiction. With roots in Budapest, Hungary, and a current residence in London, she brings a unique blend of experiences and influences to her work. But that’s just the beginning of what makes her stand out.

Our featured author, Mia Kun, has been captivating readers with her exceptional storytelling, often interweaving the world of ballet into her tales. Today, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Mia and her recent release, a thrilling forbidden coach-athlete sports romance titled “Double or Nothing” – the third instalment in her “Elites of Eastview High” series.

In “Double or Nothing,” the stakes are high as we delve into the complex world of soccer, where love and passion collide on and off the field. The coach-athlete dynamic, rife with tension and desire, forms the heart of this story. It’s a tale of ambition, heartache, and the magnetic pull of love, even in the most forbidden of circumstances.

Let’s dive into my conversation with Mia and learn more about the captivating world of “Double or Nothing.”

Can you tell us a bit about your journey as an indie author and how you got started in the Young Adult and Romance genres?

When I was twenty I won a novel writing competition and my book was published in my mother tongue Hungarian. It was a trad publishing contract and I hated how they just took my book did the cover and the editing and left me out of the process. During Covid I had more time to think about this and I decided to try my luck on my own and this time in English. It was a rocky journey and I made many mistakes but I’m still learning with each new book I’m releasing.

Ballet plays a significant role in your books. Could you share with us how your passion for dancing influenced your writing and why you chose to incorporate it into your stories?

I’ve been dancing since I was six and I’m very passionate about it. I even did my dance teacher training and only recently quit as I was getting too old (almost thirty) to dance. I found that many books use ballet dancers as main characters but in very stereotypical way of the girls being tall, skinny, flexible and with an eating disorder. I never found a book that really dug deep into that passion of dance. So when I wrote my first books I wanted to share that passion with the world and show all the layers ballet dancers have. I also found that writing a dance scene makes me feel like I’m dancing and it’s magical to find the right word to describe something that can barely be put into words.

Your book, “Double or Nothing,” explores a forbidden coach-athlete romance. What inspired you to delve into this particular trope, and what can readers expect from this book?

Even though Double or Nothing is a coach-athlete romance there is a smaller age gap which is important to mention. But I wanted to write a story with different dynamics and power differences where you can see the character’s various personalities. The book is somewhat of a slow burn with a lot of tension and back and forth. And their relationship is unique because Natalie, the athlete, grew up in a soccer family so she knows a lot about soccer while Gabriel, the coach, is coming from being an assistant coach. So there is quite a lot of banter and a bit of hate to love as well within their story.

The Elites of Eastview High series showcases a range of romance subgenres, from friends-to-lovers to second chance love. What draws you to these themes, and how do you keep each story fresh and unique?

It all started with the idea of three families who were close and a panel of characters. I tried to work out each character to be unique allowing them to have a new story to tell. The key for me was making sure that all the characters had their own voice in my head and that I could distinguish them to make sure they were not blending into each other. After that I wanted to explore different tropes and issues within the series allowing myself flexibility to explore other subgenres within the same series that fit the characters and to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and explore something new.

In “High Roller,” the first book of the series, you tackle darker themes within the high school romance genre. What motivated you to explore these complex issues, and what challenges did you face while writing about them?

It was a tough book to write but I wanted the plot to be intense and dark while the trope being friends to lovers. It’s a bit contradictory but their friendship and that mutual trust between them allowed me to safely tackle the dark themes and discuss them. There was a lot of research that went into it to make sure the representation was done correctly as well as the character growth. But sometimes I found myself drowning in all their emotions as it was weighing me down. I wrote the book in three months, waking up 2h before my day job every morning to write and it was an all-consuming book.

As an indie author, how do you approach the process of self-publishing and marketing your books? Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring authors who are considering going the indie route?

Honestly, I’m really bad at marketing which is the biggest part of it. I keep trying Instagram reels and TikTok but I feel like consistency is the key and to never give up.

Your characters often face intense emotional journeys. How do you ensure that readers connect with your protagonists on a deep level and become invested in their stories?

It’s a tricky thing as not everyone will like all of my characters or be able to connect with them. But I always try and give them at least one personality trait that most people have or something small to connect with them. Otherwise, even if they don’t connect with them I at least hope they will give the character a chance to grow and fall in love with their journey of self-development.

Can you share any details about your writing process? Do you outline extensively or prefer to let the story unfold organically as you write?

I actually never outlined a book in my life. Whenever I write down the plot and sit down to write I end up writing something completely different. I work out my characters and then let them take the lead and guide me through their story.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being an indie author so far? Are there any particular moments or experiences that stand out to you?

I had my first signing this year and seeing people who have read my books and liked it in person felt very rewarding. But I like reading reviews and even seeing edits. All these little things make me very happy and proud.

Lastly, what can readers expect from you in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or new series that you’re currently working on or planning to release?

After finishing Eastview High series I’m planning to write a soccer series (Titans) which will be a three-book series and I’m very excited about it. When I was writing my other soccer books I felt like I could connect to the story on a deeper level whenever there was a sport involved especially since soccer doesn’t seem to be too popular.

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