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Interview with Rebecca J. Cole, author of Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession

From the charm-filled state of Oklahoma, Rebecca is a gifted storyteller whose passion for creating engaging narratives of love, resilience, and hope is truly remarkable. Her novel, “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession,” has captured the hearts of readers with its compelling narrative and relatable characters. Rebecca Cole is a versatile author and entrepreneur. Known for her uncanny ability to weave intricate, heartwarming narratives, she has proven her talent through her novel “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession”. It takes readers on a captivating journey that explores the resilience of a young woman, Emma Grace, as she fights to overcome her abusive past and embrace a new life filled with love and mystery.

Rebecca’s commitment to delivering clean and wholesome romance narratives is a testament to her belief in the power of love and hope. Her stories inspire readers with characters that face real-life challenges, depicting their emotional growth and resilience in a profound way. When she’s not crafting these beautiful stories, Rebecca manages her consignment shop, Becca’s Bargains, in Oklahoma, providing customers with unique finds and hidden treasures.

As part of her ongoing journey, Rebecca is currently working on several exciting projects, including a sequel to “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession,” promising more riveting tales for her readers. Her passion for storytelling, her love for literature, and her determination to inspire others through her narratives make her a notable presence in the romance novel community.

Here’s more from her interview:

What inspired you to write “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession”?

While working on my third book, I got hooked by an online mafia romance story that popped up on Facebook. Despite some writing flaws, the storyline intrigued me and I put my other project on the back burner to write Emma Grace. The common thread between my book and that story is a mafia man and an abused girl.

Could you share more about your journey in developing the character of Emma Grace?

I wanted to craft Emma Grace as someone whose spirit couldn’t be broken by abuse. She starts off as timid, living in constant fear, but as she escapes danger, her unique and somewhat wacky personality starts to emerge.

What challenges did you face while writing this book, and how did you overcome them?

The greatest challenge was portraying the evolution of the characters, Dante transforming into a better person, and Emma Grace overcoming her fears.

Your book involves some heavy themes like abuse and secrets. How did you approach writing these difficult parts?

Having experienced molestation, abuse, and rape growing up, though not as severe as Emma Grace’s experiences, the difficult part was portraying the trauma without delving into explicit detail.

Dante is a complex character with a dark secret. How did you create his character, and what do you hope readers will take from his journey?

Honestly, Dante just developed in my mind. I believe that had he not met Emma Grace, he might have descended into even deeper darkness. Emma Grace introduced a light into his life.

What is the most significant part of the story you want the readers to remember?

I hope readers take away the message that people can change and that love can surmount numerous obstacles.

Can you tell us more about your writing process? How has it evolved since you first started writing?

When I began writing, I was somewhat clueless. With my father’s passing and the sale of my consignment shop, I had a lot of free time. My sister was the one who pointed out that I had enough material for multiple books. Thus, my first two books were born.

How do you manage your time between running your consignment shop and writing?

Now that I have my consignment shop back, I have less time. I try to dedicate some time each evening to writing. Sometimes, I even take my laptop to work to jot down ideas between customers.

How has your entrepreneurial spirit influenced your writing career?

My entrepreneurial spirit possibly stems from my drive to try new things and my desire to succeed.

Do you have any upcoming projects that your readers should look forward to?

Yes, I’m working on a sequel to Emma Grace, among a couple of other projects. I tend to jump back and forth between projects, but I hope to release “Emma Grace: Bella Isola” soon.

In her novels, Rebecca Cole brings to life a world where love, hope, and self-discovery play pivotal roles. “Emma Grace: Dante’s Obsession” is just a glimpse into the compelling narratives she weaves. The upcoming book tour promises to showcase Rebecca’s work to a broader audience and give readers a chance to engage with her storytelling on a deeper level. So, don’t miss the opportunity to join us for this exciting tour. Sign up now join in the fun and immerse yourself in the remarkable world of Rebecca Cole’s romance novels.