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Interview with Sophie Dyer author of The Silence Lies

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Author Spotlight series on my blog, Literary Inspired! I’m Meg, and today, I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to a remarkable voice in the indie romance world – Sophie Dyer, also known as Louise Hope. In this series, I love diving into the journeys, inspirations, and stories behind the talented authors who are shaping the romance genre in their unique ways.

Sophie Dyer, a UK Bestselling author, has captivated readers with her gripping narratives and complex characters. She’s known for her dark romance novels that push boundaries, creating a reading experience that’s both intense and unforgettable. Today, we’re focusing on her upcoming release, “The Silence Lies,” a dark, mafia romance filled with suspense, smut, and a tantalizing ‘Why Choose’ theme.

In “The Silence Lies,” we’re introduced to a world where revenge is a cold dish, and love is a complicated battlefield. The story revolves around the first female leader of The Bianchi family, who is on a quest for vengeance after the loss of her best friend and second in command, Enzo LaRosa. As she navigates the treacherous waters of mafia politics and alliances, she finds herself torn between the demands of leadership and the complexities of her heart. With three men vying for her attention, the protagonist’s journey is as much about finding love as it is about seeking justice.

Sophie, you’ve written under both the names Sophie Dyer and Louise Hope. Can you share what led you to use a pen name, and does each name signify a different style or genre in your writing?

Like most writers, when I first started telling my stories, I was really shy and anxious. Having a pen name was like an alter-ego, my personal super-hero where my superpower was writing real characters and raw emotions. Louise Hope was an anagram for my real name, but as my confidence grew, I felt like I needed a new pen name that related to my work. I was also getting confused with another Louise Hope on Amazon and Goodreads, so a change was necessary. But not all change is bad, right?

You call Yorkshire your home. How does this environment, with its unique culture and landscapes, influence your writing, particularly in genres like dark mafia romance? 

If you’ve ever been to Yorkshire, you’ll know that the darkest characters you’ll meet are the farmers doing their summer crops. My main influence was my partner and his love for Mafia films.

Breaking into the indie romance industry can be challenging. Can you share a pivotal moment or decision that you feel significantly impacted your journey as a romance author? 

When I first started writing, it was just to get my stories out on paper, in no elegant fashion. I met a few aspiring writers through our shared love of books, and it kind of blossomed from there. The most pivotal moment for me was when I met my, now, book-bestie, CJ Primer. We were writing on a pay-per-chapter platform and she was publishing on Amazon. Her words to me were, “If I can do it, you can.” And even though those were the simplest words, they were so true. Her support as well as my other author friends and readers was what impacted my journey the most because without their support and motivational words, I would never have published anything.

Your upcoming release, “The Silence Lies,” is highly anticipated. Without giving too much away, can you offer our readers a sneak peek into what they can expect? 

This has by far been the book I am most excited about releasing. It’s a why-choose, dark, mafia romance with some epic twists. It has so many tropes that there is something for everyone. There are enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, a silent bodyguard. There’s sword crossing, bi-awakening, and a bit of dom/sub situations. It’s a slow-burn romance, but once it gets going, the fire doesn’t stop.

“The Silence Lies” is described as a blend of Dark, Mafia, Smut, Suspense, and Why Choose elements. How do you approach weaving these diverse layers into a cohesive story? 

If I’m being honest, I am a total pantser. I plot the main idea, but all the sub-plots come to me through the characters. Fleshing out the characters is what helps me distinguish how I approach the story, but overall, I just go with the flow. I feel like all Mafia stories should have some smut and suspense, the why-choose element was always the main trope for this book so that was easy to weave into.

The protagonist in “The Silence Lies” is the first female leader of The Bianchi family. What inspired you to write a story with such a strong female lead?

After writing The Notorious Five series, an interconnected series of the Five families of New York, I felt like I needed to give my female characters a boost. I always try to write real characters with realistic situations, but ultimately, my female characters have always had some strength about them. For a change, I wanted to have a female leader, a woman who was constantly questioned on her ability because of her gender. In a way, it’s so realistic to the situations most women face in real life, so I wanted to capture that in this story.

You mention that the protagonist is torn between revenge and romance. How do you balance these conflicting emotions in your storytelling?

That is a hard one. As a pantser, my characters write the story for me. I have to remind myself that there has to be balance, and so I make notes on where each scene is going and the main direction it is heading. My book bestie also keeps me right!

Your bio mentions that you hope each of your books “touches readers in some way.” What is the key message or emotion you hope readers will take away from “The Silence Lies”?

To be honest, there isn’t a key message in this book. There are so many tropes that this book revolves around that I guess the most important thing to take away from the book is to be yourself; love whoever you want and without restraint. You can’t choose who you love, but you can choose how.

You have a strong presence on various social media platforms and even a dedicated Facebook group. How important is community engagement to you, and how does it influence your writing? 

Engagement for me isn’t a major factor for my writing. Of course, we all love feedback and people gushing over our work, but that’s not important to me. I have an amazing street team and fabulous PAs, I couldn’t ask for much more than their support. Whether it’s one reader or one thousand, I’m still grateful that someone thinks my work is worth reading.

Finally, what’s next for Sophie Dyer? Are there any new projects or genres you’re excited to explore in the near future?

There are so many projects on my list. I want to explore Taboo, Romantic Comedy, Sport Romance. I’m currently working on a project with another author, and I’m really excited to share more on this in the future. For now, I am focusing on the second book of ‘The Silence Lies’, which will be out in Spring 2024.

My future plans involve: a few spin-off books, a couple of anthologies, and a new series of ‘The Notorious Five’ which involves the Irish Family that joined at the end of Book 5. I’m also planning to end The Notorious Era with a final book that sees the takeover of The Notorious Syndicate into a new generation.

The list of books I want to write goes on, but for now, I am wanting to finish my current WIPs completely before starting any new projects. The one thing I will say is that Mafia isn’t the only area I’ll be writing in 😉.

I’d like to thank Sophie Dyer for sharing her insights and stories with us. It’s been an absolute pleasure learning about her journey and her upcoming book. For those who want to dive deeper into Sophie’s world, you can find her on various platforms:

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