You are currently viewing Liz Tomforde’s ‘The Right Move’: Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Liz Tomforde’s ‘The Right Move’: Finding Love in Unexpected Places

In the unpredictable game of love, sometimes the most unexpected plays lead to the most thrilling victories. Liz Tomforde’s “The Right Move” beautifully showcases this sentiment, weaving a tale that combines ambition, self-discovery, and a romance that’s anything but ordinary.

Meet Ryan Shay, the newest Captain of the Devils, Chicago’s NBA team. His world revolves around dedication, determination, and a passion for the game. When Indy Ivers, his sister’s best friend, becomes his new roommate, his life takes an unanticipated turn. This lively, messy, romantic soul becomes more than just a distraction; she becomes the solution to a problem he didn’t know he had.

Facing scrutiny as an unapproachable lone wolf, Ryan needs to convince his team’s General Manager that he’s more than just his on-court persona. A fake romance with Indy seems like the perfect play, but as the lines blur, questions arise. Was sharing a roof with Ryan the right move for Indy? And can Ryan truly keep love at bay?

Liz Tomforde has created characters so tangible, they leap off the page. Indy’s struggles, her longing for love, her relatable uncertainties, become instantly recognizable. Ryan, with his reserved yet fiercely protective nature, becomes more than just an NBA superstar; he’s a man trying to balance his world. Together, they embark on a journey filled with laughter, growth, spice, and moments that tug at the heartstrings.

What’s truly remarkable about “The Right Move” is how seamlessly the elements of love, ambition, and personal growth are intertwined. The decision to fake-date isn’t just a plot device; it becomes a catalyst for change, self-reflection, and unexpected connection. The chemistry is sizzling, the banter unforgettable, and the emotional depth resonating.

This book is a reflection of life’s twists, a celebration of human connection, and a tribute to the magic that can be found in unexpected places. Whether or not you’ve read the other books in the series, “The Right Move” stands on its own, inviting you to dive into Ryan and Indy’s world and let their story capture your heart.

So grab your copy today, and immerse yourself in a romance that’s as unpredictable as life itself. And if you’re like me, you’ll be left hoping Liz Tomforde gives us that much-anticipated Rio book soon!