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OwlCrate’s New Quarterly Subscriptions: A Promising Venture for Book Lovers

OwlCrate, a popular book subscription service, has announced the launch of four new quarterly subscriptions set to begin in Spring 2025. As someone who’s always on the lookout for interesting book subscription options, this caught my attention. Let’s dive into what OwlCrate is offering and my thoughts on this new venture.

The New Subscriptions:

OwlCrate is introducing four genre-specific quarterly subscriptions:

  1. Horror
  2. Romance
  3. Romantasy
  4. Sci-Fi

These are adult (18+) book-only subscriptions, which means no additional merchandise – just books.

How to Join:

OwlCrate is offering two ways to get involved:

  1. $25 Ticket Reservation: This guarantees you a spot in the subscription(s) of your choice. The ticket cost applies to your first charge.
  2. Waitlist: Join the waitlist for your preferred genre(s). While this doesn’t guarantee a spot, it puts you in line for future openings.

Key Information:

  • Ticket sales end on July 5th at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST.
  • The first books will ship in Spring 2025.
  • No skips are allowed for these subscriptions.
  • The subscription cost will be the same as OwlCrate’s current Adult book-only subscription.
  • Active subscribers get first access to limited edition releases in their subscribed genre.

My Thoughts:

As someone who loves beautifully designed books, particularly in the romantasy genre, I’m intrigued by this new offering. The quarterly format is especially appealing for several reasons:

  1. Cost Management: Quarterly subscriptions can be more budget-friendly than monthly ones. It’s easier to justify the expense when it’s spread out over three months.
  2. Reduced Overwhelm: With fewer deliveries, there’s less pressure to keep up with constant new releases. This allows more time to savor each book and reduces the feeling of having “too much” to read.
  3. Anticipation Building: A quarterly schedule could make each delivery feel more special and eagerly awaited.
  4. Genre Focus: By offering genre-specific subscriptions, OwlCrate is catering to readers’ particular interests.
  5. Quality Control: The quarterly format potentially allows OwlCrate more time to evaluate and improve their process between shipments. This could lead to better quality control and more attention to detail in both the product and delivery aspects.
  6. Flexibility for Subscribers: With less frequent shipments, subscribers might feel less inclined to cancel due to overflow, making it a more sustainable long-term option for both the company and customers.

However, it’s worth noting that I’m not familiar with OwlCrate’s track record in terms of book design quality, delivery reliability, or customer service. These are crucial factors in any book subscription service, and the quarterly format might give them an edge in managing these aspects more effectively. The ticket reservation system is an interesting approach. It allows enthusiastic readers to secure their spots early, while the waitlist option keeps the door open for those who are curious but not yet ready to commit.

OwlCrate’s new quarterly subscriptions seem promising, especially for readers who love specific genres but don’t want the commitment of a monthly subscription. The Romantasy option, in particular, has piqued my interest. That said, as with any new subscription service, it’s wise to approach with some caution. We won’t know about the quality of the books or the smoothness of the delivery process until the subscriptions actually launch in Spring 2025. If you’re interested, consider joining the waitlist. It’s a low-commitment way to stay informed and potentially join the subscription in the future. For those who are certain they want in, the ticket reservation system guarantees a spot. As always, it’s important to consider your reading habits, budget, and shelf space before committing to any book subscription. But for fans of these genres looking for a quarterly book treat, OwlCrate’s new offerings could be worth exploring.

For more information, visit the OwlCrate Website.