You are currently viewing A Guide to Scoring Legitimate Free eBooks: A Temporary Substitute for Kindle Unlimited

A Guide to Scoring Legitimate Free eBooks: A Temporary Substitute for Kindle Unlimited

We’ve all been there: tight on cash but itching to read. Not a problem! There’s an array of resources where you can sign up and receive legitimate free ebooks. And yes, these are all legal and often encouraged by authors and publishers to boost their visibility. Here’s your curated list, along with a description of each platform.

1. The Fussy Librarian

The Fussy Librarian is a fantastic site that curates a list of books matching your preferred genres and content preferences. They offer both discounted and free ebooks. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive daily emails with a range of suggested reads.

2. BookBub

BookBub is a great tool and platform for book enthusiasts. When you sign up, you provide your preferred genres, and then BookBub will send you daily emails with a list of free or heavily discounted ebooks from authors across Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, etc.

3. FreeBooksy

FreeBooksy is just what it sounds like – a site full of free books. Once you subscribe, they send you a daily email with the free book offers for that day. They cover a wide variety of genres, so there’s something for everyone.

4. Bookspry

Bookspry is another great resource. It’s a free newsletter that notifies you about deeply discounted and free ebooks in genres you’re interested in. They also have a specific ‘Free Books’ section on their site.

5. ManyBooks

Established in 2004, ManyBooks started as a simple platform to provide free ebooks. Over the years, they have expanded their platform to include a vast collection of both free and discounted ebooks. You can find many classics here as well.

6. ReadingDeals

ReadingDeals is another service where you can get notified of free and discounted ebooks. They also have a review section where you can get free books in exchange for honest reviews.

7. FaroFeb

FaroFeb celebrates and highlights the entire spectrum of the Fantasy Romance genre, from epic fantasy, low fantasy, paranormal, monster, to time travel. It has successfully built a thriving community of fantasy romance authors and readers across multiple social media platforms and through its newsletter. Focusing on new adult and adult fantasy, FaroFeb runs promotions and events to bolster the genre and promote its outstanding authors. These events include their significant celebration in February.

8. Smashwords

Smashwords is an ebook distribution platform where independent authors and publishers can share their works. Many authors offer their books for free or at discounted prices, making it a great place to find free reads.

9. Romance Read of the Month Club

For the romance lovers out there, the Romance Read of the Month Club sends out one free romance ebook each month. The books vary in sub-genre, offering a great way to discover new authors and styles.

Extra Tip: Becoming an ARC Reader or Joining Street Teams

Another great way to get free ebooks is to become an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) reader or join an author’s street team. Many authors offer free copies of their books to ARC readers in exchange for honest reviews. These reviews help the authors gain visibility and credibility. If you have a Bookstagram or Goodreads account, you’re an ideal candidate.

Remember, every free book you read and review helps authors tremendously, so they’re more than happy to share. Happy reading!

Note: This guide is provided as a temporary resource for those who can’t access paid ebook subscriptions due to financial constraints. The goal is to promote reading while supporting authors and publishers. It’s a win-win situation, but as soon as you’re able, consider supporting these hardworking artists by purchasing their books.