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The Complete Guide to Hosting Your Author Website

Navigating the world of website hosting can be daunting, but it’s a crucial step in establishing your digital presence as an author. I simplify this process for you, ensuring that your website not only goes live but thrives online.

Registering and Owning Your Domain

The first step in your web hosting journey is registering a domain name. This unique address on the internet will represent your brand and help readers find you easily. Registering a domain involves selecting a name that reflects your author brand and paying an annual fee to maintain ownership. This domain is your own corner on the web, and renewing it annually ensures it remains yours without interruption.

Understanding Web Hosting Fees

Once you have your domain, the next step is choosing where and how your website will be hosted, which usually incurs a monthly fee. Web hosting is like renting a space on a server where your website’s data and files are stored and accessed by visitors worldwide.

At Literary Inspired, I offer an all-inclusive hosting service for just $30 per month. Your website will be placed on a dedicated server, meaning you aren’t sharing resources with other websites. This setup enhances your website’s performance, providing faster load times and reducing the likelihood of downtime.

Dedicated Servers and Personalized Care

Choosing a dedicated server means you get enhanced security, speed, and reliability. I also offer 24/7 website monitoring. If your site experiences any issues, I’m immediately notified via Discord, enabling me to address and resolve the problem swiftly, often before you even notice.

And the best part? You won’t find yourself lost in a sea of customer support calls; instead, you receive my personal attention. I am always just a message away, ready to handle any concerns with the speed and dedication you deserve.

Email Hosting with Google Workspace

If you need a professional email linked to your domain, I can assist you in setting up with Google Workspace. This service offers reliable email hosting and additional tools like word processing and spreadsheets, all linked to your custom domain.

Hosting your author website doesn’t have to be complicated. With Literary Inspired, you get straightforward, effective solutions tailored to your needs as an indie author. Ready to take the next step in your author journey? Let’s get your website up and running smoothly so you can focus on what you do best: writing.