You are currently viewing Praise by Sara Cate: A Steamy Romance That Will Leave You Breathless

Praise by Sara Cate: A Steamy Romance That Will Leave You Breathless

Praise, the first book in the Salacious Players Club series written by Sara Cate, is a steamy romance novel that tells the story of Charlie Underwood, a young woman who’s broken down by her emotionally neglectful ex, seeking someone to tell her that she’s good enough. Her life takes a sharp turn when she stumbles into a new job with a boss who brings her to her knees – both figuratively and literally.

Emerson Grant is the owner of the Salacious Players’ Club, and he knows what he wants in life. He isn’t shy about his particular tastes, and he makes that clear from the start. However, when he mistakes Charlie for a candidate to be his new submissive instead of his son’s ex-girlfriend, he offers her a job as his secretary and nothing more.

But, things aren’t so simple. Charlie has seen a glimpse of what can happen when she’s honest about what she wants, and she makes it clear that all she wants is Emerson. Despite the fact that he’s twice her age and her ex-boyfriend’s father, he’s the only man who can give her everything she desires. Emerson, in turn, wants Charlie, and he tells her that she’s more than just good enough. She’s worthy of his praise.

Praise is a book that takes the reader on a steamy ride of desire, forbidden love, and the lengths one will go to hear their approval. Cate’s writing style is engaging, and she’s created well-rounded, complex characters that will keep you invested in their story. The chemistry between Charlie and Emerson is palpable, and readers will find themselves rooting for their happy ending.

If you’re a fan of steamy romance novels, then Praise is a must-read. However, the story doesn’t end there. The Salacious Players Club series continues with Eyes on Me, Give Me More, and Mercy.

In Eyes on Me, we meet a voyeur who’s comfortable on the sidelines until he stumbles upon his step-sister on a certain cam girl app. Mia and the voyeur can’t stand each other, but he’s hooked on her and the app. He’s falling for her, but she’s falling for the mystery man he’s pretending to be. How far will he go to keep her eyes on him?

Give Me More is a story about a man-whore who’s asked by his best friend to sleep with his wife while he watches. Isabel is the woman of his dreams, but she’s his best friend’s wife. If they go down this path, how will he ever be able to walk away?

Mercy tells the story of a female owner of the Salacious Players’ Club who thinks she’s vanilla until the app matches her with someone who’s willing to help her learn. He’s too young for her, too stubborn, and too good-looking, and he’s also her friend’s son. Beau Grant is a brat, but he’s also a man who’s misunderstood, selfless, and in need of direction. If he wants mercy, he has to earn it.

Praise is an excellent start to the Salacious Players Club series, and readers will find themselves invested in the complex characters and their forbidden love stories. The other books in the series – Eyes on Me, Give Me More, and Mercy – are equally engaging and worth reading. If you’re looking for a steamy, romance series to binge-read, then The Salacious Players Club should be at the top of your list