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Book Feature: “Steel and Stone” by Silvana G. Sánchez

This week is brimming with excitement as we delve into the newly released “Steel and Stone,” a must-grab addition to your bookshelf.

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The stakes are high in “Steel and Stone,” the second instalment of the Cursed Kingdom series. Set against the backdrop of a kingdom ravaged by a mysterious illness that claimed the lives of its king and queen, Princess Aurora is now at the helm. Her challenge? Not just to ensure Stonewall’s survival using Steelborn resources, but to break the mysterious curse plaguing her home. And how does she plan to do this? By venturing into the Netherworld to seek the aid of the enigmatic Dark Prince. A gamble, no doubt, since no one who has journeyed there has ever returned.

Aurora isn’t the only one navigating tumultuous waters. Enter Prince Phillip, who despite a broken heart caused by Aurora herself, finds himself unable to ignore a looming threat to his own kingdom. When chaos erupts in Stonewall and Aurora is whisked away to the Netherworld, Phillip must rally his captain and face unspeakable dangers—including an encounter with the dreaded Lord of the Netherworld—in hopes of saving her.

The allure of “Steel and Stone” lies in its complex characters and intricate plot lines. Whether you’re a fan of enemies-to-lovers dynamics or intrigued by mythological undertones like that of Hades and Persephone, this book promises a hearty blend of old gods, valiant quests, and morally grey heroines. Simply put, if you enjoy twisted fairytales, “Steel and Stone” offers an engaging read that checks all the right boxes.

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About the Author
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Silvana G. Sánchez is the USA TODAY bestselling author of sinfully addictive dark fantasy new adult novels Ash and Snow, Steel and Stone, Written in Blood, and more paranormal and fantasy romance stories, including the Vesely Academy series. She lives in Mexico with her husband, son, and two adorable Shih-Tzus she calls her dragons. When not plotting away in her writing den, she’s known to poke eyes in her practice as an ophthalmologist. Visit her website

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